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  1. Guess who is going to doctors tomorrow o3o give you a hint it is a guy who has been complaining about leg pain

    1. Arid_Blitz


      This is basically me when it comes to doctor anymore


    2. Tacodidra


      Good luck, my friend! :kindness: I hope everything goes well!

  2. Posted o3o Dynamo is gonna be surrounded by team crimos XD lucky for him they arent assholes
  3. "Yes yes, make all the comments. I do look forward to the finals. See you then." she said before she forcefully removed the tendril from Canteen's mouth tearing fur off with it, he let out a scream of pain as he rubbed the area. Sueno placed the tendril inside the vial sealing it, it began to glow as a rune Viridi placed on it to keep it sealed. "There we go, and Canteen stop whining get Melio and come to the Infirmary." She said as she walked towards the infirmary "No worries, you can ask some questions and at least get fixed up. The ones who ran off are gonna be beaten up pretty badly but nothing life threatening. Really not my concern they ran off knowing full well they would just be used as punching bags." she chuckled as she got to the infirmary where Defiant, Viridi and even Arid were. Arid was still dead on a bed, Viridi was fully awake and watching as Sueno walked in with Canteen, Melio, and Dynamo Viridi looked at Dynamo and bowed her head some "Hello seems a shame we didnt all get a chance to probably introduce ourselves to each other. My name is Viridi captain of the guard of Crimos. Honor to meet you." Defiant was laying in a bed groaning some "Oh shut head is killing me." he said before a smack to his head made him cry out in pain "OUCH." Viridi rolled her eyes some "No one told you to go out there and over do it, but noooo you just had to try and impress the ladies." Canteen helped Melio to a bed to let him sleep as he looked around "Ha all of you look like shit, cant handle the fights like I can."
  4. Prepare thyself to be hugged I see your quackin and raise you
  5. @Literally Snails @Dynamo Pad Sueno stood there as Mason taunted her with the losing part and just smiled "You assume we came here to win? If that were the case I myself would of entered as no. See I knew we would make it to the semi-finals. Face against Team Lotus and lose." she pushed her glasses up on her face again as she shut her eyes "Why do you think I left before the match began? I place a bet on Lotus to win, the amount we earned from it is more then enough to help Crimos with war relief efforts." she reopened her eyes as she was now examining Mason...looking into his eyes before nodding "Now then Dynamo I do not mind assisting you to the Infirmary, the others will be fine and you were right not to go. Your magic is depleted and you are injured." Turning around she set Canteen off near Melio and simply said "Behave." before looking over her shoulder at Mason "I hope you do not mind but." she pointed with a hoof at the darkness still on Canteen's mouth "I'm taking this I find it quite fascinating." she reached into her saddle bag and removed a small vial looking at Canteen she used her magic on the tendril hoping to remove it and store it for later in her vial "Anyways Come Dynamo the others are waiting, well at least my worries on your team they will survive Mason is just attempting to get under your skin."
  6. dont leave me behind please I may post later or tomorrow I am not feeling so well