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  1. None I hate ships it causes drama Do you remember the game monster rancher?
  2. Yeah or a place for say Kriz asks who wants to go do to this and dispatch a few of ya.
  3. Red beryl is estimated to be worth 1,000 times more than gold by weight, and is so rare that only one crystal is found for every 150,000 diamonds that are mined. Top quality natural red beryl gem crystals from the Ruby Violet Claims that have been faceted sell for as much as $10,000 per carat.

    hydrothermal bixbite %28Red Beryl%29.jpg

    1. Tacodidra


      Interesting! :wau: It definitely looks amazing... :awed:

  4. First Mario bros with duckhunt Yeah I'm old so what..wanna Fite o3o
  5. Good that way we can in main rp send a group to do things, allowing interactions and they come in here to do it. They will stop posting in the main rp to focus on here. Because you are "gone" then we when done here make another entrance back. So you don't have to do two rps at once
  6. Well i mean like we pull them aside they say where to go then form small thread for that. Send teams. Mix and match
  7. Nice i had the same idea but needed clarification. Also we can do mini arcs, @TBD 🚬 And myself will pull one aside and maybe ask what country to go to, kriz will make an excuse to go there and bingo your mini arc. No big rescue the princess. Maybe you wanted to find someone in this country and kriz' s money can buy lots of info. Or maybe your family lives here or unfinished business. That way we aren't just dragging you along. Be creative on why you need to go to a country.
  8. so where are we gonna show up for in morning? A tea house or a hidden base?
  9. We can start the talk of expanding and do a vote on countries. Make it a reason and get a plot going like The dr. Needs something from Canada go fetch it. Or want to make a play in Italy. Right now we are gonna meet at the tea shop get a few minor quests to get approval from Beez almost like a trial run and then talk big time. We need to weed out any undeserving of a BRIGHT FUTURE We hold a bright future in our hand and we lead the way
  10. Go to other countries and we can do good deeds while we visit k. Corp places. And build such a rep everyone be on board with our plan
  11. As Krizalid watched everyone leaving to do their own thing he smiled at Beez "Of course you have final say if any of them dont meet standards. However an after party does sound lovely we should make arrangements for any who make it through the terminations. Make arrangements and spare no expense Beez if you dont mind. Karaoke with a bar would be great plus we can get food." He walked down the hall with Beeze as he smirked a bit "Depending on how things Progress we will be doing a bit of traveling, I do hope it doesnt pose much by ways of issues." He stood there by the elevator as he placed a hand on Beez's shoulder "I leave all decisions on who stays or not. The only ones immune are the dear Dr. and Harada. Anyone else you are free to deal with how you see fit." he removed his hand and straightened his tie a bit "Perhaps we can talk to the good Dr. about a new suit for you to use in battle. To assist you with your quirk and show you arent Beezlebub the "Villain" but, Beezlebub the Hero leading us to a better future." "Our future will come to fruition and you will be leading the charge into that bright future, everyone thinks one person is to change the takes a group leading the charge to that new future. Go get rest my friend when you figure out what we should do after the meeting."