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  1. Unumbra

    Hi everypony...

    I can happily assure you that the members here are quite kind and caring. You should have no problem fitting in. As for what you can do around here, there is music to be listened to, stories to be read, art to be observed, and even a movie night on Fridays. Navigation of the website is quite direct so you should have no problem figuring it out, but of course you can contact another member for assistance if required. I pray you a pleasant stay, Inky.
  2. Unumbra

    A little bit of myself ^-^

    Welcome, D4shI3. Depending on what you're looking for, I'm sure you'll find it here. From experience, most members are quite kind and welcoming. There's radio stations, fan art, fan ficton, and even a movie night on fridays. Feel free to ask around if you require assistance. Have an excellent stay.
  3. Unumbra

    Friday Movie Night Request Thread

    I am very excited. This will be my first pony movie neigh-t. Ponies like awful puns, right?
  4. Unumbra

    Would you rather see random ponies or fan favorites?

    That's why I buy them individually online. Got an R-Dash, a Fluttershy and a spike. Need a Nightmare moon and Luna
  5. Unumbra

    How to start liking Rarity

    I don't think you can force yourself to like a character simply by posting in forum. There's nothing wrong with disliking one.
  6. Unumbra


    One day I googled the words "Why does everyone think Braeburn is gay?" and a post on this website was the first result. I had been around the Ponyverse before, but never here within the forums.
  7. Unumbra


    Greetings. Surely you will find whatever you search for within the fandom, either this forum, or amongst other links through Ponyverse. You need not bother with the identity politics here, but it is of course optional. Perhaps being an extrovert, you can use this time to not only get to know the fan-base, but yourself? I digress... Depending on what you are interested in, I would suggest you make an arbitrary dive within the forums. Discuss hopes for the next season, remissness on past seasons, pose and answer questions, debate, listen to music or even get in contact with other members to play games. I am sure you already have an understanding of how forums can be, but nevertheless, they can be jungles. I pray you a pleasant stay and a swift recovery... Or a slow one, depending on whether or not you wish to stick around.
  8. Unumbra

    The subject of Santa and parental lies

    I personally believe that this lie is simply doing a bad thing for a good reason. One of the few charms of childhood most of us remember and love is the blissful ignorance. The simplicity. This is simply a part of a whole story. If a child refuses to accept this (obvious) lie, then it's their choice.
  9. Unumbra

    Hello My Name Is Rarity Darlings

    The prodigal diamond in the rough joins us at last. Welcome to the mixed goody bag that is MLPForums. I pray you a pleasant stay and good luck with your projects.
  10. I remember many years ago I used to work in a cherry orchard. I was a picker for most of the season., but one week was rather strenuous. My employer owned multiple orchards, but the sorting equipment from one of the farms had broken down, so we ended up having to pick up their slack. Pickers would usually wake up at around midnight, seeing as the days were hot. I ended up having two shifts of 20 hours, along with three shifts of 12 hours. While 76 hours is not alot in comparison to others, you would have to consider the fact that it is pure manual labor. A unique experience I hope to never repeat.
  11. Unumbra

    Season 7 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    Currently, no. I have too much to do. With the solstice coming along, my time schedule has been awry. I've also stumbled upon a few books I am trying my best to get through as fast as possible, while also understanding their full meaning, which is proving quite challenging. I also need to re-watch seasons 1 through 6 so that I can remember this sicky addictive story thus far.
  12. Unumbra

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Some things aren't worth feeling I suppose. I would suggest considering why you feel those feelings and asking if they are worth feeling due to the "Why".
  13. Unumbra

    Duality is here to take your souls!

    Various.... Things that should be avoided. I do not wish to speak of this subject any further. Just know to avoid a flash game by the name of "Banned from equestria daily" and various other related titles.
  14. Unumbra

    Duality is here to take your souls!

    I do hope that you realize you cannot take what was never there to begin with. Welcome. There are many things to do here, whether it be to take commissions, enjoy music, read stories and poetry or simply enjoy the pleasantries of a discussion or explore the more... Lewd side of this fandom. I would suggest avoiding it but to each their own. The members are rather friendly (for the most part) and are usually happy to help in any way they can. I pray you a pleasant stay.
  15. Unumbra

    The most popular Lesser Pony Species?

    It is a rather interesting question, but you seem to have left out one type. A type that most would have voted for from my perspective. The draconequus. (Discord's species) Other than that, it would be interesting to see the life of the Bat Ponies throughout their night to night lives, along with how they worship Luna.