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  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. Merry Birthiversary! 

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  9. "I'm pretty sure we were required to demonstrate our powers. Didn't work on you so I used him. Besides in real combat, there are no rules." Lenaria managed to stand and went to retrieve her sword. "That's one nasty kick." She said clutching her chest as she put away her blade with her other hand. "Now wh-- Stop!" Lenaria quickly ordered while extending her hand and making a stopping gesture. Zac froze in place. He was holding Lenaria's rifle and was aiming it at Charles. He looked confused and disoriented.
  10. Lenaria deftly avoided Charles' attack to the face, but she ended up taking the heel to her chest. She fell backwards winded and stunned; her sword sliding away from her hand, Lenaria quickly looked around for some way to regain her momentum. Out of the corner of her eye she saw someone enter the room. 'Seems that fighting fair isn't working.' She turned to Zac. "You! Attack him. Now!" She commanded in an intensely strong hypnotic tone while pointing towards Charles.
  11. Lenaria quickly adjusted to parry the strike, however Charles' fake caught her a bit off-guard. Charles' foot made contact with her front leg causing her to stumble forward. Lenaria used this moment to quickly do a jab with her blade followed with a kick aimed at Charles' hand in an attempt to disarm him.
  12. Lenaria stepped back and inspected her head with her free hand. There seemed to be no damage, probably just a bruise later. She kept her sword raised and waited for Charles to once again make his move. Lenaria knew she had to come up with something, but she had prepared to fight a werewolf, not an experienced hunter who was immune to her voice.
  13. Lenaria attempted to move to her right side but Charles' headbutt connected to her left temple. She stumbled to the side in a daze. Charles' grip on her arm prevented her from falling completely. Lenaria quickly recovered and jabbed her sword forward, threatening to stab Charles' side. They were now parallel to the edge of the ring. "Come on Charles. Cut me some slack, please?" Lenaria attempted another of her hypnotic speeches.
  14. The moment Charles got within striking range of her sword (which is longer than the knife) she stepped back, causing the butterflyknife to miss its target. She counterattacked with a jab towards Charles' head but at the last possible second she would pull to the side and aim to strike at his extended left arm (The one with the butterfly knife). Lenaria readied to sidestep or roll to avoid Charles' counter attack if needed.
  15. Lenaria stood her ground. Her hypnotic attempts seemed to have no effect so far. 'Is he deaf or something? Not even the slightest change in body language or position. Interesting.' She kept her sword raised as she thought of a new strategy. 'Now maybe there could be another angle I can use and exploit here.' Still maintaining her distance, Lenaria assumed Charles would eventually attack her. "Come on Charles; can't you hear me? Ignoring someone is awfully rude...." She said trying to probe Charles for more information.
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