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  1. Icurently watch Black Clove its funy and interesting
  2. dbb2zpc-4b5b47ca-75ac-4ea7-b50a-c79b3257its sem she doesnt like cameras  :DD

    1. Phosphor


      Indeed!  :blink:

      Angry Polly is so adorable!  :wub:

      Polly Esther 2.png

  3. I noticed your user name before, but I had no idea what a pizza cat was. :blush:

    A couple episodes later and now I know. What a cool show!  :kirin:

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    2. Ninja Pizza BatCat

      Ninja Pizza BatCat

      yeh  i like it too     but she is  angry  cuz  Speedy Cerviche   and Guido  Anchovy act like idiots sometimes   :DD  

    3. Phosphor


      Jerry Atric can never seem to outrun the Big Cheese before he explodes  :laugh:

      Samurai Pizza Cats Big Cheese angry 2.png

    4. Ninja Pizza BatCat

      Ninja Pizza BatCat

      haaha ye  ilways laught  when it hapens  plus cheese   kick his hair ort woth is it  on jery head :DD

  4. Iknow is late  but Happy new Year to all  here  and who read this  :yay::derp: