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  1. It's good but the photos are a bit unclear as is what you are saying, but keep at it!
  2. for me? I wish to study animal psychology. no! never give up! I believe in you!
  3. I hope so. after all we need some more lore!
  4. It's alright. keep at it! although the sound could be turned up a bit.
  5. I agree. I would love to see Applejack shown in a different light.
  6. for me. I would like to see evil applejack to introduce more about her past possible. ( I know it's silly.)
  7. Off the top o' me head. Brony notion and canned cream.
  8. option B: Equestria and stay in the castle of the two sisters. I would find it funny if legends were made based on me. As I'm deaf,dyslexic and disabled( like really I wouldn't want to tell them of what some others are like.)
  9. freezing time so I can be more productive.