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    Drawing, manga, comics, playing video games, listening to music, singing, telling bad jokes, puns

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  1. Oh my! What's this?

    Pony Faces fin resized teaser.png

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    2. Puddle Duck

      Puddle Duck

      I'm lousy with music. We had to compose stuff in music appreciation and I had a miserable time. I suck at poetry too.

      As for art, I had a long stint where I stopped drawing because I thought I wasn't improving. Then I found an older sketchbook and realized I had actually been improving slowly, but surely. Another thing that helped was when I started looking for the mistakes in the pictures of artists I looked up to. When I would find mistakes in professional artists' work it actually helped me remember they were once at my level.

    3. Kyoshi


      From what I saw I eventually hit a wall and never got better. Then I just gave up. I have no self confidence.

    4. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Ahhh thank you again! They all look fabulous. <3 

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