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    Drawing, manga, comics, playing video games, listening to music, singing, telling bad jokes, puns

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  1. Oh my! What's this?

    Pony Faces fin resized teaser.png

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    2. Kyoshi


      I might have, my memory sucks. I just wish I had ANY artistic talent. Or...just, any talent. 

    3. Puddle Duck

      Puddle Duck

      I'm sure you have some sort of talent. You just have to practice doing what you like. It's not like I was born being able to draw. I just practice a lot. You should see how many scrapped sketches I have that I keep around to improve on. I have so many sketch books that I don't actually know where they all are. If I ever get a crafting room it'll probably be one big fire hazard.

    4. Kyoshi


      Eh, I tried drawing for a while. I can't seem to ever improve. Same thing with music. So far have no talent at all that I can see.

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