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    Drawing, manga, comics, playing video games, listening to music, singing, telling bad jokes, puns
  1. Puddle Duck

    PD's Doodles

    Some new stuff. The first one is a random pony I drew after talking to a friend about annoying coupon ladies. I noticed after I finished that she looked a bit like Minty. The second on is the wip of my Hershey, Apple Swirl and Puddle Duck in the gen 3 style for a drawing meme.
  2. Your avatar is so adorable.

  3. Puddle Duck

    PD's Doodles

    Despite the fact that this should probably go into my non-pony thread, I'm posting it here. Reason 1: The pony version is the original I built on. Reason 2: I really wanted to share this where more people would see it. Anyway, I really wanted to show how simple details can change the species of a character. The initial head could easily go pony or dragon depending on coloring. Then I added a new nose for the dog and a third nose was created and used for both the cow and deer. The cow and deer also got their own ears making each of the four animals distinct. I was only going to add the dog,
  4. My eyes have been out of whack the last few days. I'm hoping it's allergies and I don't need new glasses. The last pair I got were supposed to help with my depth perception problem, but I was given reading glasses. My right eye couldn't read the chart across the room. He gave me glasses that make everything more than a foot in front of me blurry to correct the issue. I still haven't figured out how that's helpful.

  5. Game modding - On the downside I hate Dropbox. On the plus side? I guess I have a Discord account now.

  6. Puddle Duck

    PD's Doodles

    Thanks so much! You're welcome! I was hoping you'd like it. Thanks, I'm going to keep practicing this new style. It's really fun and generally a lot easier. First I have to pick up new nibs. My poor tablet is all scratched up because I didn't notice my nib had gone bad. Of course the nib I like is the one nib that doesn't come with a spare. I have around 8 of the standard black nibs and 3 or 4 felt nibs, but I hate them. I tried the flex nib and never went back.
  7. Puddle Duck

    PD's Doodles

    Name that pony/kirin! Here's some gift art I did on a whim. I got the first two done last night and finished the third today.
  8. Oh my! What's this?

    Pony Faces fin resized teaser.png

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    2. Puddle Duck

      Puddle Duck

      I'm lousy with music. We had to compose stuff in music appreciation and I had a miserable time. I suck at poetry too.

      As for art, I had a long stint where I stopped drawing because I thought I wasn't improving. Then I found an older sketchbook and realized I had actually been improving slowly, but surely. Another thing that helped was when I started looking for the mistakes in the pictures of artists I looked up to. When I would find mistakes in professional artists' work it actually helped me remember they were once at my level.

    3. Kyoshi


      From what I saw I eventually hit a wall and never got better. Then I just gave up. I have no self confidence.

    4. Lady Kiriness

      Lady Kiriness

      Ahhh thank you again! They all look fabulous. <3 

  9. Debating the difference between dark sarcasm and general sarcasm and its place in the classroom.
  10. Another cat here. Traits: lazy, sarcastic, aloof while also capable of empathy, will work for food. My favorite places to nap are sunny spots and on clean laundry fresh from the dryer. I have been told the way I contort my body while sleeping seems quite painful and exorcist-y. I'm very flexible and my balance is generally spot on. I'm also prone to moments where I think I'm fantastically awesome and then collide headlong into a wall. My go to meats are fish and chicken. I'm skilled at catching insects, mice and frogs. My Halloween costumes as a child and now as an adult are almost always som
  11. Puddle Duck

    Visual Art PD's Other Doodles

    Finally finished. I've included the grey scale since I have the sketch and ink posted already. I posted the teaser from my status here as well. Please check out my pony art and commission page!
  12. Teaser picture for my status. I'll be loading up the finished copy in my Other Doodles later this evening. Commissions are open!

    Coming Soon.png

  13. The neighborhood chicken came to visit again. I ended up finding my first cicada shed skins of the year while I was outside feeding her. :pinkie:

  14. Puddle Duck

    Visual Art PD's Other Doodles

    This won't be done tonight as I now have a headache XD Here's the ink. Color tomorrow.
  15. Inking a sketch and having a glass of chocolate milk.
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