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  1. I've tried countless amount of times, and I don't know where to start, well, lucid dreaming is hard for me to do. I had it happen like twice but that's all. Is there a way to train it? Any(pony?)one?
  2. This happened to meas well, I haven't watched it like 2 years!
  3. *sigh* Derpy. The one and only in all of equestria. All I have to really say here is, how, why, and when did this become a thing. I'm still relatively new to this so I barely know much.
  4. Id probably be walking aimlessly IF _________ wasn't cu_____ me- AHhhh _________ isn't letting me say what I want to say!
  5. You dont want to see the OPPOSITE of me, I call IT... Dark Ball

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    2. Speed Ball

      Speed Ball

      You don't want to mess with... HIM...

    3. Speed Ball

      Speed Ball

      Your going to make it harder for me to stop HIM...

    4. Somberhoof


      Everyone has a darker side. Or, at least, almost everyone =)

      Embrace it from time to time and you might come up with some interesting results)

  6. Thanks for the places I COULD go...
  7. Cool! That sounds like somepony trying to make a difference here!
  8. If you were in equestria, how would you live your life there? Also you'd turn into a pony, of course...
  9. My sister actually made the lyrics for the original minecraft song, "Don't Mine At Night!"
  10. I would tell, but it has to be... ______... I'm more of the less interactive type... Sorry...
  11. How did you find MLP Forums?: I foun MLP Forums from google. How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: I don't want to say... Hi... Ummm... I'm Speed Ball and I'm a pegasus, there's a se- reason why I'm here. I don't want to scare anypony but... I can't say it, I'll tell yawl later... I don't have a favorite, but it's a bit of a mix
  12. Welcome to MLP Forums, Speed Ball! I hope you have a great time here. /)

    1. Speed Ball

      Speed Ball

      Thanks I hope people don't find my se- I mean nothing! "^~^"