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  1. Merry Birthiversary!

  2. Happy Birthday.

  3. Max


  4. Watched the first episode, thinking it was gonna be another stupid kids' show to calm me down, and hopefully bore me to sleep, but was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed it. I loved the almost, 'fairy tale' style of the episodes. By the end of both episodes, I was completely convinced that it was not just a 'show that only little girls watch' afterwards. (Even though I am a little girl, but I'm not like 6 years old or anything, so I'm not that little, but still little in the sense that I'm under 18. Nevermind, please ignore this.) Also, this is really stupid, but when I was introduced to Fluttershy, I almost cried because I felt like I finally found a character in a show that I could relate to. (I suffer from severe social anxiety.)
  5. yayyyyy, fluttershy ftw!
  6. You're from Canada? Not talked to someone from there in quite a while. You guys are quite interesting people.

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    2. Firebreak


      Good. I'm glad to here it.


      I'm okay, thank you. What are you up to? Anything good?

    3. Firebreak




      Can't spell for crap today apparently. >.<

    4. Lita


      lol, that happens to me too, don't worry. cx (actually way too much, it gets super duper annoying T-T)


      I'm at school right now, supposed to be doing my work, but idk... let's just keep this a secret, shhhhhhh. I have a really bad cold, which sucks, but next week is my Christmas break so I guess everything's fine. cx


      You? Anything exciting happening with you?

  7. thanks, i am so far! c: p.s. i loooooooooove your art :ooo plz teach me senpai thanks, and will do! c: yay, fluttershy is so adorable!
  8. yes, i've noticed everypony is super duper nice c: and, thank you! <3 (sorry for the late response i just came back home from school) (forgive me) ( ) Oh my gosh, no, i'm not nearly as cute enough as Fluttershy. I mean just look at her. so cuteeeeeee also, oh my goodness, i'm so sorry, i really didn't mean to. i'll change it now. if you need it bigger, please tell me. Thank you! Ooh, I'd love to play with you. (if you don't mind that is) Thanks so much for the hilarious welcome! Like this... ? *smile intensifies*
  9. nice to meet you too! and, thank you! i hope i'll get to make friends here, everypony seems so nice so far :ooo
  10. thanks so much! c: and, yes, will do!
  11. Thank you Zachary c: (I hope that's your name, please don't be offended if it isn't. <3)
  12. Hello, I'm FlutterHeart, but you can call me Lita if you want to. I recently got into this show, so I'm only finishing up season 2 now. Other than MLP, I love anime, kpop (especially TWICE) and League of Legends. (Although, I'm really bad at the game, so to avoid flame, I just play normals) I'm very nervous and anxious around people irl, but online, I manage okay talking to new people, so don't hesitate to talk to me if you want to. c: (I don't really know what else to say now, so I'm just gonna end it here.) (ok) (bye) (ily) (not in a creepy way though) (like in a cute stranger i love you kind of way) (if that way exists) (ok bye for real) ( )
  13. Buffy

    Welcome to MLP Forums, lita! I hope you have a great time here. /)

    1. Lita


      Thank you so much for the warm welcome, Buffy! c: