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  1. Second week of my new job is almost over and so far I am really liking it!

  2. I understand this is often a means to a scam where they record you saying yes so typically I say "I can you hear you just fine" or something along those lines.
  3. Strawberry/peach tea it was super yummy.
  4. Alecks T. Quagga

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Finally got caught up caught up on some flicks this weekend and watched Fantastic Beasts, Dr. Strange and The Watch.
  5. I've been a Rocket fan since his debut in the Incredible Hulk comic so I am partial to him. ^ ^ I've been collecting tons of the RR merch that has came out and my shelves are full with him. I don't deny baby Groot is adorable but I love the coon. XD
  6. Mountain Dew Voltage cuz DG was all out of my Code Red and I wanted some caffeine.
  7. Last thing I ate was this weird canned tamale thingies. They weren't half bad but I do not recommend them!
  8. Here in Ohio right now it has been chilly, gloomy and rainy nearly all week.
  9. Alecks T. Quagga

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Watching the 2010 The Wolfman with Hopkins and Del Toro. Came across my Blu-ray copy so decided to pop into the layer.
  10. Being a long time comic geek I was really worried about these movies but so far most of them have been really enjoyable. My favorite being Guardians of the Galaxy ROCKET IS SO CUTE!!!!!
  11. Alecks T. Quagga

    Movies/TV Last show you watched?

    Watching Big Fat Quiz of the Year as I type this. XD
  12. San Francisco 49ers: When I first started getting into American football I decided to choose a different team than the one my brother and dad liked since I had nothing else in common with them so one day I was watching the telly and they were show a 49ers game (1986 I think) and I fell in love with Joe Montana and Jerry Rice. I mean those two were incredible! Columbus Blue Jackets: Hometown team and I used to work for the owners so I got to attend several games and even once in the owners box. Ohio State Buckeyes: If I have to explain you are not an Ohioan lol. But seriously again ho
  13. I watch pretty much everything from TheSw1tcher and Talking Kitty Cat.
  14. Nine Lives.....could not even finish watching this horrid film.
  15. Alecks T. Quagga

    Movies/TV MST3K is coming back!

    I binge watched the whole series and now I got the fire stoked for watching the older series. (Doing that now actually XD)
  16. Absolutely love this series! I was hooked from episode one.
  17. Alecks T. Quagga

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The Amazing Colossal Man MST3K version.
  18. Alecks T. Quagga

    Mega Thread Song Stuck in your Head Right Now

    Absolutely love this song! Can't get it out of my head.
  19. This pony is a huge kaiju fan! I have nearly every kaiju film on DVD, tons of figures on my shelf and quite a few of the Godzilla comics. He was wickedly cool in this movie. I got a huge figure of this version years ago.
  20. Is back after a long absence. Life got crazy but I'm slowly getting it back together.

  21. That awkward moment when somepony forgets who you are when chatting with you on one of their alt FB profiles despite having chatted with you often on the other.....forgetable pony is forgetable. *sighs*

  22. Already married to the most wonderful mare I have ever met!
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