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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Just heard Darth Vader being referred to as a space wizard XD I cant fault the logic either, so hilarious ^^

  3. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Black Sails, Walking Dead, and then MLP! Such a juxtaposition its almost worrying XD
  4. BrushfireGlow

    Rarity Twerking?

    Yup, just a dance move. The 'booty shake' has been around since the 50's, along with the shimmy and the hustle, and its only seen as sexually conative because of the appendage being shaken (we all have butts ^^) and because of people like Minaj and Beyoncé. Before this, the booty shake was standard as you needed to swing your hips a lot to dance, and the butt moves with the hips, of course ^^ The animation is there to show us that they're not all wooden planks learning to waltz XD
  5. working in a library....

    1. BrushfireGlow


      It's quiet... ^^

    2. StarNote


      really cool i love books


  6. BrushfireGlow

    Rainbow Rocks Rainbow Rocks - favourite song?

    Definitely a close second for me ^^
  7. He's not more sane, just more controllable because he listens to fluttershy's suggestions and enjoys the outcomes: Usually, more friends. Like Q from star trek, he has all the power in the universe, but he's lonely and didn't quite understand that the things he did made people dislike him more. When fluttershy looks past that he notices people accept him more when he tones it down a notch^^
  8. Wow FoE is an amazing fic! only problem is im listening to audio version and its not complete! AAAAHH!

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    2. BrushfireGlow


      On YouTube. Im listening to Coyotecyb's narration: Has voice overs too but has only got to the end of chapter 12 so far

    3. BrushfireGlow


      Starts off a little echoey but gets better and better

    4. trademark2


      Well, still if it's not complete I will just read it

  9. Not much of a fic reader, anyone know where is best to start?

    1. Artimis Whooves

      Artimis Whooves

      Fimfiction, if you want a story, Fallout: equestria or memoirs of a royal guard are pretty good stories.

    2. BrushfireGlow
    3. Artimis Whooves
  10. Tired, back hurts: but the painkillers are too strong!

  11. Right. Well first off, watch MLP till Twilight becomes an alicorn. Then go to the first EG movie. U'll find that twilight is the twilight from ponyville who's gone into the human world. Secondly, if the graphics and designs are a problem for you, then close your eyes for the first 10-15 mins, and you can rest assured knowing the v/a's are still the same. Literally the only difference between MLP and EG is that they are human versions. If it's not your cup of tea, then just don't try it. Other than that if you can get over the minor cringe factor and character design, they become relatively go
  12. At the moment, a mix of Deus ex mankind divided, street fighter neon, battlefield 1, GTA V and Fallout 4... I switch between games CZ I get bored of the same thing repeated, so I switch it up often
  13. BrushfireGlow

    Welcome me!

    Welcome^^ Have a great time here on MLPforuns, I've been here a couple days and everyone's really friendly, and a happy hearthswarming to you by the way
  14. Happy hearthswarming everypony ^^

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