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  1. Did comicon have a movie trailer? A freind of mine told me they did. They didnt?
  2. Anyone that saw the trailer, how good was it?
  3. Did anyone manage to record the previews they showed at comicon? Or will they be uploaded to youtube soon?
  4. So far the advertising for the mlp movie has been good. Mlp is all over the place right now, I even see see mlp toys at the gas station, the dollar store, and walmart. The teaser was playing in theaters too. It is a smart way to advertise a movie, early on release a teaser that doesn't show anything so everyone is aware the movie is coming. Then wait a month or two then release a full trailer and get the hype going like crazy. Its better if they release the trailer later on so the hype doesn't start dying out or anything. I hope this what they are doing with the advertising, hopefully the full
  5. I know it's a show and having same mane styles would seem lazy by the show creators, but its still an interesting thought.
  6. I ddnt think this episode was going to be good but I loved it. Also pinkie saying brb though lol
  7. I have made lots of different versions of my oc and this one took the longest to make. I made it look like the ponies on the show but made small changes (I Drew this from scratch I ddnt use a base) I also Redesigned HIS mane and gave him a new name.
  8. llamalauncher

    Pixel Oc

    I used pixly its on pc and android
  9. llamalauncher

    Pixel Oc

    The reason it's a screenshot is that whenever i saved it looked different than the original.
  10. What time is the mlp season 7 stream in pacific daylight time? 

  11. 1. What caught your attention about “My little Pony Show” I saw and episode on youtube and I ddn't think much about it before clicking it. 2. What does it mean to you to be a member of a community surrounded by controversy? 3. Do you consider yourself “obsessed” with MLP? No. It took me like 5 months to watch all 6 seasons. 4. How often do you find yourself thinking about the show? Idk 5. How often do you discuss MLP with family, friends and peers? I never do. They hate mlp. 6. At what age did you found out about
  12. They showed this teaser in the theaters. The dialouge was cringy but whatever!
  13. I just hope supermarkets are new to equestria or only few exist, it makes since even restaurants exist. Though idk how they would stop robberies unless they have royal gaurd there all day
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