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  1. Rainbow Dash

    I grew up watching generation 3 mlp and when I first got onto mlp friendship is magic I was surprised how much rainbow had changed, but I love her all the same if not more!
  2. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  3. What cringing things have you done?

    But to be fair it must ave been a interesting topic Trust me I’m an expert on saying the wrong and most awkward things but I’m happy that you’ve found some awesome sounding friends that you can be yourself around I know what you mean, I was such an oblivious kid and I made so many terrible and embarrassing mistakes that looking back on I regret deeply and I’m sure you’re being too hard on yourself and I can guarantee you’re way better than me at talking to people Don’t worry I feel your pain, last year I had a fight with a friend and I was so sure she was in the wrong that I yelled at her in front of the whole class but no one knew what we were fighting about so they immediately felt sorry for her and took her side so a lot of the class hated me the whole year and I didn’t know how to make it better. She went over seas for half the year which gave me time to come to my senses and when she got back we made up and now we’re best friends and so everyone forgave me I’m sure if you did visit you’re old friends then they won’t even remember what you did and even if they do they can’t hold it against you because everyone deserves a second chance and you’ve probably changed since then and so have they, after all starlight glimmer changed which is a great example of how it will probably turn out
  4. What cringing things have you done?

    I can understand the embarrassment of mucking up in solo performances as I am a dancer but I’m glad you didn’t give up and partially redeemed yourself at the end at least it wasn’t your fault your voice cracked, once I was performing when I was little and we were all skipping faward on stage with flower baskets and I tripped and did a fullon dive down the stage and my flowers went everywhere luckily I was young and can laugh about it now I think your lucky because I try and put myself out there as much as possible and that means I usually have at least one embarrassing thing a day which usually keeps me up at night which can’t be healthy
  5. Hey Everypony!

    Hi, welcome to the forums! I hope you like it To answer your questions, i love all the characters and can’t really choose a favourite but I chose rarity as my profile pic because she looked so cute I found the forums because like you I was searching google and found this, and I became an mlp fan because when I was little I loved the older generations of mlp and I was feeling sad one time so I started watching friendship is magic and it made me happier! I’ve now watched it about six times through
  6. So, there are so many things that I look back on and just cringe real bad and I feel like I’m the only one who does this so if you have any stories that you want to get out feel free to share here. i’m pretty bad with speech and an overall awkward person to talk to because im always afraid of what people think. This one time not long ago I was talking with a guy and he said you know Oreo spelt backwards is Oreo right? And me not wanting to sound like an idiot said “yeah”... well I sounded like an idiot anyway then a few days later we were talking again and somehow got onto the subject of swearing in different languages and he asked me if I knew any Russian swear words and I said “yeah, ‘the name of my friend’ told me some” but my friend is actually German so he was like “isn’t she German” and I straight out said “well I stuffed that up” . This guy must think I’m Such an idiot and i can’t help but cringe when I think of it
  7. Change One Letter of a Four-Letter Word

  8. Animation What did you learn from this anime?

    Tbh I laughed at what bad morels this show had but I enjoyed it all the same. It was entertaining, funny and ridiculous
  9. Mega Thread Your favourite pony and why?

    I love them all!!!
  10. I think Dimond tiara got her cutie mark when she got her crown. I think that the crown was very expensive and as it is said in season five her talent is getting what she wants I think she got that and then her cutie mark appeared. Do you have any theories on how characters got there cutie marks?
  11. Things you hate that everyone seems to love?

    Almost everyone I know loves Star Wars but I fell asleep during the first movie it was so boring
  12. Do any of your friends know your a brony?

    Only my family know, my sister doesn't care but my mum sometimes says nasty things about it so I don't dare tell my friends
  13. I'm Cloggedone... ask me something.

    Do you know when season six of mlp is coming to Netflix??
  14. General What did you dream about last night?

    I actually had three dreams I remember from last night: My first one was about dancing (I'm a dancer) and I was at a dance competition and I won against the best dancer in my section. Then the next one I was backstage at a dancing production rehearsal and the dancer who was on stage was mocking me cause I wasn't dancing and she was and I got upset so I asked the director to have a chance at dancing instead of her because I said I could pick it up after watching it once and I did and the director said I was way better and could have the roll. The third was about school it was my first day back at school and I woke up late, I didn't have enough time to get ready and look pretty so I went to school looking like I did on the weekends. Later on, after I had somehow gone to the bathroom at school and made myself look better I started hanging out with the cool group at school and I was becoming more and more popular and I kept trying to add to my reputation. At least that's all I can remember from my dreams last night. I've had so many interesting dreams over my lifetime but I never thought to write them down.