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  1. Thank you! I really appreciate that.
  2. Since I can't really afford a car IRL yet, I decided I'd build a paper model of the car I want while I wait. This is a 1985 Ford Crown Victoria. I have had experience in the past with paper models, but with this one I want to make this a printable model, meaning, I can make as many as I want without having to draw it over and over like I used to.
  3. Oh ok, I'll make sure to look at more ways. Thanks for the advice.
  4. Thanks the advice and I'll make sure to keep that in mind. You're pretty much right about my generic grinding, I just pretty much looked at a pony reference then drew, and I keep using that same method I saw and try to improve my own drawing based off of what I learned ONCE.
  5. So ive been practicing my digital art over the months and I noticed some improvement, the first drawing was from February 17th, and my latest drawing is from July 9th. What do you guys think? MY bad, I meant the first one was from February 21st, I read it wrong.
  6. so youre saying you want me to reply to everyone in one comment?
  7. Thank you! Haha wow thank you haha yeah, cuase why not.
  8. Well sadly I dont cry very often and I want to cry because of that but I cant like I physically cant even if I tried, but the last time I remember actually crying was like maybe a year or more ago around the time a good friend of mine left me, or weeks after just thinking about it, either way I was miserable but I have gotten over it, idk if its good I have nothing to cry over anymore but whenever I do get sad I can never get that good cry I really need.
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