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  1. Yeah, I already did. My general rule is that I sign up to groups that I'm actually likely to attend events for. Though with flight benefits, that opens up my options quite a bit.
  2. Sometimes it is good to get away from the internet (at least, for a while) and enjoy the natural surroundings. However, i'm thinking no internet = no power (or you don't have internet hooked up yet) so i think it's wise call on your part. No internet? That would be the end of almost everything I know and love D: At least I can enjoy both the internet and nature where I live Nature is fine and dandy, and I get out there as much as I can (especially with so much of my life REQUIRING an internet connection these days), but when I have a coding assignment due at 5:00 and I have no access to my assignment or the dropbox in which to turn it in.. yeah, easy decision.
  3. Bejoty

    Any Duck Fans Here?

  4. Hey there! Great to have ya on board! I hadn't realized there was an Equestria Online lead in the area! Cool stuff, for sure. If the team has something awesome prepared, we could definitely find a place to showcase it at the con!
  5. Bejoty

    Let's talk music!

    YES Solid first post, by the way.
  6. Mirrormont, a neighbourhood on the southern tip of the Issaquah area (if you didn't know), is definitely still out of power. Or at least a good chunk of it. I was going to go home for the weekend but gave it a big NOPE when we found out there was no Internet.
  7. I saw ponies slowly creep into art sites near the end of 2010, but mostly ignored it. Art journals made periodic mention of the show and sometimes linked to episodes, but I didn't really have the energy to feed my curiosity until one artist posted a journal along the lines of, "wow, so does this mean Derpy is canon now?" This was of course in reference to her first official cameo in episode 15, which was linked directly below. I had to know what he was talking about, so I watched the episode. Wow. Absolutely nothing like what I expected, but I don't need to explain that side to you guys. I immediately jumped back to the pilot and watched them in order to catch myself up. One of my favourite memories was hitting episode 11 and having my mind completely blown from the nearly five minute musical number OUT OF NOWHERE. So yeah, that would be Feb 11, 2011 according to the MLP wiki. Fun fact: I've been rocking Gummy as my avatar since that day, when we both entered the community.
  8. Bejoty

    Let's talk music!

    S_E_F and DJNight-Mare: If you have equipment you'd like to donate to the con to borrow for the weekend, DEFINITELY let us know! Email with what you can offer. This sort of thing is essential to bringing costs down and therefore providing an even better convention for all. There's even a good chance of receiving compensation for your help.
  9. All I know is that last I checked, we're due for a "you're absolutely bucked" snow storm tonight.
  10. Bejoty

    Let's talk music!

    That music festival side of the Vancouver 125 was EPIC. Although when I went, I had only heard of Hey Ocean (obviously) and Said the Whale. I've still yet to see Dan Mangan live, which is one of the highest on my list. Of course, now I have a solid handful of Vancouver indie artists that I'm dying to see!
  11. Bejoty

    Let's talk music!

    I've had Mother Mother in my music library for months, and for whatever stupid reason haven't gotten around to listening through the albums! This must change, because these songs are epic.
  12. Google Bot was pretty apathetic at first, but I finally convinced it to watch a couple episodes a while back. Its first reaction was of sheer horror, and it took a few unmentionable dares and reciprocal trades to finally sit down and power through the pilots against any and all sensible instinct. I silently observed as it reacted to the show's carefree innocence meld seamlessly with intelligent humor. Loathing led to surprised confusion, confusion led to intrigue, and intrigue led to the first sparks of entertainment before sliding violently back into a frightened confusion for the possibility of actually enjoying the production for a few fleeting seconds. In the end, I was told that while holding merit for what it is, it is not something for Google Bot. While commending the fine display of modern animation and clever writing, it was simply not Google Bot's cup of tea. I accepted this reaction, though reluctantly and with just a slight tinge of disappointment, and we parted ways. ~ ~ Two weeks later I receive this message: "I would like to apologize for what I might have said about Friendship is Magic before. It took me a few days to realize that I could not stop thinking about the show, with it's spectacular production quality and brilliant community following. I downloaded the entire first season and watched it all in one day, and am currently catching up on recent episodes. I even convinced Apple and Amazon to join in! Thanks for giving me another addiction! =P ~ Google Bot /)^3^(\" in conclusion, yes, Google Bot is a brony.
  13. Bejoty

    Let's talk music!

    I fully support any and all music threads! It's going to be tough narrowing down into any sort of logical set though.. I know! I'll just pimp some epic Vancouver artists. Hey Ocean (obviously): Said the Whale: Dan Mangan: The Zolas: