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  1. I didn't cry but I was a bit upset. I felt the same way when Ed, Edd, n' Eddy ended. That was a good show too. But there's just something about MLP that made it more than just a show. The writers really seemed to care about the show when they made it and it wasn't just any other kids show. It was way too advanced for a kid to understand. It had kid stuff in it but there was stuff for the adults too and I appreciated that.
  2. Hello everypony, I was just wondering which game was harder. Thanks
  3. Hello, I just wanted to know if everypony preferred dogs or cats more, thanks
  4. The Equestrian Brony

    General Media Batman or Spiderman

    I'd say Spiderman because I liked the movies more.
  5. honestly I think the ABB is just a group of immature trolls of children who have nothing better to do with their spare time except make fun of others and post memes about ponies dying and all other types of stupid nonsense. I've met a few ABB members and I can tell you that they didn't really know what to do with themselves. One was extremely overweight and had swastikas on him, and another one was really skinny and hated everything around him. I got to know these things about these sad individuals because I befriended them with a fake account and then I blocked them afterwards because I could
  6. I think my cutie mark would probably be a horse or a MLP logo honestly. It's the one thing I love the most. It's also the one thing I talk about the most. I know almost everything about horses and I love them! I love My Little Pony too of course. What would your cutie mark be?
  7. I was going to put this post in sugarcube corner to begin with, but it didn't fit any of the categories. So I just put it in the other section. I didn't see anything called Brony discussion or anything. Sorry about that friend.
  8. I agree. Japan watches Anime, why can't cartoons be a thing too? It's not just for kids, it's for everyone!
  9. For me, being a Brony has taught me that happiness can be found anywhere even if it's from a small and innocent pony on a screen, and it has taught me to be confident in myself and what I believe [being a Brony and not being afraid of others opinions]. Being a Brony has also shown that I can in fact be a guy and like girly things at the same time. Some people may not like it, but oh well. A person once told me "if you were a man, you wouldn't like girly things". I came right back at him and said "no friend, you're wrong. A man isn't afraid to like what he wants and he isn't afraid to be himsel
  10. They must be special in some way. That is very special. I would have that memory card put into a display case if I was you. I love my grandfather and if he knew how to work a game console and if he made a save on a game card, then passed away, I would display that. Do you use Amazon? I have a link for a display case that you could buy and put that save card in and have it over the fireplace or other area. I would say to do that so it won't get lost or crushed or something. https://www.amazon.com/SE-JT936T-Small-Jewelry-Display/dp/B00C1MEZJW/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8
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