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  1. Ive been trying to lucid dream for the past few days, but no luck. Im fixing to head to bed and hopefully it all works out ahah.
  2. I loved 7th grade. I had the most amazing group of friends, and I had almost every class with my best friend.
  3. I got hooked the first episode. I watched the entire season 1 that same night lol
  4. I LOVE Big Mac. Hes such a cutie and I hope season 3 has more episodes with him in it. <3
  5. I'd have to say my personality reflects Rarity's.
  6. Rainbow Dash is my least favorite character. Shes too cocky for my liking.
  7. Hard choice.. but my vote goes for Pinkie Pie! Shes so cute asdfghjkl.
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