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  1. Thanks all the answers and advices! If I decide to make this, I will distance my project as far as possible: retro pixel graphics, new story with new characters and names, no cutie marks (but tattoos would be in the game), the world would be different and the players could choose between several species (not only ponies). I hope these will be fine. I am so excited! I have so many plans and ideas about this game... I will also need artists because I am not good at arts, I am a programmer. But... first of all I need to plan a lot. I would not create this game with some kind of "RPG maker" or with anything like that. I am planning to use the Unity3D engine. By the way... the “alicorn” expression for pegasus ponies with horns did come from Hasbo? Because if so then I should came up with another word for this.
  2. Hello everypony! Firstly I would like to apologize for my not so good english. Secondly... I am planning to make some kind of MLP FiM adventure and fighting RPG game, but I faced with some copyright and trademark problems that may happen during this project. I am not sure what could cause problems, so here are my questions: If I create a game with “MLP FiM content” (means I would like to use characters, names and graphics style from MLP FiM) and some part of the game would be commercial (special items, characters, services, etc...) then would Hasbro shut this project down? (I guess yes.) Same question but I would NOT use any “MLP FiM content”, except the graphics style (so the story, the characters’ appearance, the characters’ name, the world and the place names, etc... would be different, but your character is still a pony and the game still contains buildings, trees, sceneries, etc... which is not the same but looks familiar to MLP FiM). I would not copy anything directly from the show but I would like to create something similar. Same, but everything would be different, even the graphics style (retro pixel graphics style, but the game is still about ponies and some part of the game is still commercial). (In this case there should be no problems, I guess.) I create the same game that I mentioned in the first point, but it would be totally free. (In this case Hasbro has the rights to shut down the project but they won’t because of the fandom, I guess) Thanks for your answers!
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums, Kuablaikan! I hope you have a great time here. /)