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  1. Thinking seriously about the topic I like to view the MLP show as an idealized view of what Equestria could really be like. Idealized in the sense that it is not consistent with what may actually be reality. In real life issues are hardly solved with rainbows and sunshine and i feel if any one of us were pulled into some alternate universe where Equestria exists we would find that world struggles with a variety of ecological and social issues much like humanity does and while there is also plenty of good their would also be no shortage of evil.
  2. Internet Protocol Version 6 is the successor to Internet Protocol Version 4 and employs a 128bit addressing scheme typically expressed in Hexadecimal format.
  3. The oldest house I have ever lived in is my fathers place. If I remember correctly the original construction was built in the late 1800's but was added onto over the decades. Today the house is rather big but in no way modern.
  4. I wouldn't mind going back to highschool knowing what i know now. 9th and 10th grade was pretty rough for me academically and i made alot of mistakes. If i could do it over again i would be a straight A student.
  5. I was never really made fun of. Being that I was aloof no one ever really bothered me.
  6. Merry Birthiversary! 

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  7. I would have to say out of all 6 the strongest comparison i can make is Twilight. She is a bit socially awkward, practical and stresses out over every little thing when it comes to learning and assessments of ability. Literally how i am with regards to my studies. Obviously she doesn't come close to being an exact parallel of my personality but the similarities are significant enough that i can comfortably identify with her.
  8. A small town in Michigan, United States. Not a bad place to live so long as you live in the northern part of the state and can tolerate extreme changes in weather and biting cold.
  9. I know I said happy birthday to you on my profile, but thought I would just come onto your page and say Happy Birthday.

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  10. Happy birthday! It's cool you were born on the same day as me.

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  11. Have a very happy birthday, DayShadow!

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  13. The world is very different now. For man holds in his mortal hands the power to abolish all forms of human poverty and all forms of human life. ~ John F. Kennedy I really love this quote because it speaks to how far we have come as a species and reminds us of the tremendous responsibility that we are in control of our own destiny. We can either work together to build a better life for future generations or we can wipe ourselves out. The choice is up to us.
  14. I remember Scarface: The world is yours for PS2. For some reason i played the hell out of that game. Was quite an enjoyable experience for me personally. The PSP version looks like a nightmare.
  15. I would have to say Resident Evil 6. That game was hot garbage compared to Res 4 and 5.