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  2. Yep. You can tell me here or send me a PM with the specifications. Sorry for the late. Been having exams lately.
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    I see. Thanks for the info though. Sad stuff.
  4. Zachando Anchary
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  7. Hello I'm currently offering commissions for 15$ with this stile. (Here's my shop ) An additional character would make it +10$ Full clothes would make it +5$ Please post your specifications for the comission here or send them to me via PM after and/or before purchasing. The examples below don't belong to "full clothed" versions because it's only a hoodie, so anything like these examples would be 15$ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ You can visit my Deviantart gallery here, just in case If you like other stuff I've made before that doesn't belong to the style I'm currently offering, please make me know. If you and more people want previous styles I will add them to the shop. Please feel free to ask any questions
  8. I don't know how I never knew about these songs before but I think they are awesome. And I would love to have the original versions of these songs if they even exist (without the dialogues and scene noises). I don't know if they were released or not, but if they were, and you know, I'd thank you a lot if you at least told me if they even exist. Here are some examples
  9. water water and water and water
  10. This depends on how comfortable you are about your present and future. I am almost 25 years old and still living with my parents and having shitty jobs and there's not a single day that I don't wish I could live by my own in my own place already.
  11. an apartment or something to help me living in an own place
  12. it was pretty boring and autistic and shitty tbh
  13. weirder than you think
  14. Mega Thread

  15. *Fluttershy grabs him from the neck and pushes him against the library and violently stabs him 27 times in the chest with the PC microphone*