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  1. Imagine if...

    I'm not a fan of this kind of topics but there's something I find obvious and nobody pointed out yet. Equestria is a world where a ton of very different mythological beings exist, and a lot (if not most) of these have their own civilization (are as intelligent as humans), and nobody in Equestria really knows all the species that belong to these characteristics. Many of them are told about but a lot haven't even seen by many, or even heard of (communication there isn't as developed as in the real world). A human in Equestria wouldn't be seen as weirdly as an equestrian pony in our world. To them it'd be more like "huh I think I've never seen this species, I will ask X or see if I can find something about it in the library". They wouldn't freak out as if we were aliens.
  2. Mega Thread General Chat Thread

    3d studio max brings bad memories
  3. Draw the profile picture above you in MS Paint

  4. Ando's Commissions [Currently Open]

    yep, still open
  5. tenes alguna galeria online donde pueda stalkear tus dibujos?

    1. Ando333


      nvm ahi vi

    2. Shadow Beam

      Shadow Beam

      Need to revive those though 

  6. Hold on I know you

    1. Ando333


      can you expand?

      nvm lol

  7. Critique Wanted A practice sketch >~>
  8. Is there any way to hide my forum activity in my Profile
  9. The Geography Game

  10. Mega Thread Caption the avatar above you.

    C U T E
  11. Ando's Commissions [Currently Open]

    You can tell me all the specifications here or via PM if you like. Whenever you like.
  12. Ando's Commissions [Currently Open]

    Hey. I just Reopened them, but I'm not offering the old style anymore, only the one showing in the edited Original Post.