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  1. ScrewLoose

    Nihi The Brony's Commission shop [Partially on Hiatus ]

    @Naiya The Brony Hey Nihi! I will probably get a commission, but right now I'm kinda broke! But I just want to know, what sort of graphic design/painting programs do you use, if any? I want to draw some ponies digitally, but don't know which programs to use, and your designs look REALLY good! Thanks xx
  2. ScrewLoose

    Give a Compliment to the person above you

    Lunar Echo is veeeeerry BEAUTIFUL!
  3. ScrewLoose

    Secrets Of The One Above GAME

    Techno Universal is actually a giraffe with dwarfism!
  4. ScrewLoose

    Secrets Of The One Above GAME

    IronM17 is actually a werewolf!
  5. ScrewLoose

    Secrets Of The One Above GAME

    LuciaFan eats kittens!
  6. ScrewLoose

    Secrets Of The One Above GAME

    Hey There Everypony! So, the way this game works is that you have to tell a secret of the user who posted before you. (BTW make up secrets don't do their real ones, you shouldn't know people's darkest secrets anyway!!) E.g. Member A: "Screwloose is terrified of pineapples" Member B: "Member A is actually a rabbit" Member C: "Member B is a 2 year old with a pet dinosaur" etc. GOOD LUCK! (Sorry, I put this in the wrong section, I'm gonna put it into the forum games section now)
  7. ScrewLoose

    Where are most of you from?

    @zerox So true, right now though, it's surprisingly sunny... Oh, wait, it's raining again *sigh*
  8. ScrewLoose

    Where are most of you from?

    I'm from good 'ol London, in England. Nice to meet you!
  9. ScrewLoose

    Spoiler Quibble Pants Fan Club

    Woo hoo! I love Daring do!!! I hope he comes back in another episode!
  10. ScrewLoose

    The Corrupted Wish Game

    Granted, But you are kidnapped by a drug cartel who are selling to Japan but need a translator. I wish I could turn into any creature I wanted.
  11. ScrewLoose

    New does not mean better!

    You'll get used to it
  12. ScrewLoose


    Yay! Over 100 views. That's not that bad, for a first blog entry. Is it? No, It isn't bad. Ok, maybe it's not anything special...
  13. Hey, those look awesome!! Awesome origami
  14. ScrewLoose

    Pony D and D

    Hey, this looks cool! I'd like to play if poss
  15. Ugh, I feel like life is about OTHER people. Punishing other people, celebrating other people, talking about other people, listening to other people... Hey, there's a blog section on my profile. What the hell's a blog? *Ten minutes Later* WOOOAAHHHH! So, I can write about my life, and people will read it, and talk about it, and comment on it? *Enter sarcastic tone here* Wow, that's sooooo amazing. Anyway, I like the sound of this "Bllloooooog." I think I might have a go at it: * Cue cheesy music and drum roll* PREEEEEESEEEEENTIIIIINNGGGG: * Deep gravely voice* THE EXCITINGLY AWESOME HILARIOUS BLOG!!!!! *Cue confetti* *Cough, Splutter* Ok, so maybe it's not exactly exciting. * Deep gravely voice* THE NOT EXACTLY EXCITING AWESOME HILARIOUS BLOG!!!!! *Cue confetti... again* Ok, fine! It's not awesome. How about... Brilliant. No? *Huff* Fine! * Deep gravely voice again (sorry if your throats are hurting)* THE HILARIOUS BLOG!!!!! *Cue confetti... again. Jesus, were gonna run out of confetti soon* What do you mean it's not hilarious? ok, OK! It's kinda funny though, isn't it. No? Oh for god's sake!!!!! * Deep gravely voice (if you can still speak)* THE "Will raise a chuckle but is not exactly comedy gold" BLOG!!!!! *Cue confetti... Oh wait, we don't have any confetti left. DAMN!* 'That good enough for you?] No? What do you mean no?! You're so mean! No! No, I'm not changing it again, you're gonna have to live with it. Hah, I won this round *YESS*. FOR GOD'S SAKE, IT. IS. FUNNY!!!! What do you know about comedy anyway? *Sulk* This battle isn't over...