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  1. @Baraleth- *They both see the photo and were shocked* O_O" ..Gah.. O_O" Please tell me that isn't you. -_-" *facepalms while feeling embarassed* *thinks in head* "Its no wonder no one takes him seriously....."*sounding nervous* Lik...e.d..her...for..that....*looks at Equestos* .......really. Wha..t..don'*as he looks away from him* Agh, boy am I gonna have nightmares from seeing this. Just to think Slenderman was scary and Jeff too. O..verra...ted.. Yep, by the way. Since you played Earthbound. Who would be your most favorite protagonist throughout the game? Yes..go on.. So, Minch? That makes wonder why you partnered up with him. He Heh, don't we all.
  2. Aye, so alicorns are basically fluid. Both male and female, uh huh. Works for me I guess. Still....
  3. Eh, I don't drink coffee. Yet I like the smell. So,NOPE! Homemade chicken soup?
  4. *As the whole goes dark and Giygas appears in front of her* ..Wha..t charac.ter.s .from..least..liked..too..most.? Gigas! There you are, I've been looking all around here and who is this? *sees her better* Oh, its Cinnamon Pop! Hehe. Don't mind my friend there, he tends to scare people like that. Like I DO!! Haha! Ahem, still for mine. What is your most favorite time of the season and weather, then why?
  5. Eh, so and so as usual. I do get sleepy at times and see what other people post for amusement.
  6. Just having some homemade vanilla ice cream!! Yes, the real kind. WITH GUMMY BEARS!! Haha! Still, I have to wait a while for it to soften.
  7. Now THIS will be a lair suitable for a villain!
  8. *As Gigas and the dark humanoid see Obsidian, they approach* So, Obsidian. What are your intentions here in Equestria? Are you going to rule the land or befriend the others living here? *Then Gigas appeared*
  9. Minus the fruit there. 7/10 Whole grilled bass with a side of baked potato and on a bed of rice!
  10. Here is another example: 1. Cut the cupcake in half. 2. Now get any flavor of ice cream and place in center. 3. Take out frosting on top and put in ice cream. 4. Place other half on top of the filling to make sandwich. 5. There you go! A mini ice cream cake!
  11. I guess women chase you, when they see you. (I don't know, just bored.)