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    Writing, Math, Drawing, Ponies (obviously, but horses and ponies were actually an interest before MLP)<br /><br />Combinations of the above objects is highly preferable.

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  1. Well, I sketched, then vectored it, but apparently I didn't really do enough to change it. Oops. (I was completely inexperienced with drawing pegasi in the air, and I used it as a reference.) Anyway, they aren't meant to be looking at each other. The grey pony is supposed to be looking down at something on the ground. I'm probably going to redo the cover eventually, when my regular drawing skills improve, but I'm not in that much of a hurry to fix it. On the other hand, it would be totally unacceptable if people traced when doing commissions. But seeing as I am just starting with everything, I'm not super worried about it. (But now I don't rely on something like that.) Thanks for the help, though. I definitely am not offended by the feedback. Even when making it the first time, while still new to the whole thing, I was hesitant to use that Rainbow Dash image as a reference. I just couldn't get the flight to look right at the same time as having her look at the ground.
  2. Thanks! Since then, I have gotten a bit better, but I may considering doing more in that style, just for fun. The problem is that these take so long to make, that I usually have more projects that would be more important for me to do. This is my second one, that I made for the cover art of my fanfiction.
  3. This is an OC of mine, and the main character in my story here, but it is not "me as a pony." I can never really get a satisfactory design. This seriously took a long time, though. Over 100 layers, and all of them entirely necessary.