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  1. I just recently changed operating systems, and I haven't played in a while, and now I can't log in, whether I use Minecraft 1.11 or 1.11.2, and use the according mod for each. Is there something wrong with the servers currently? Is it something on my end? If so, what would be the most likely causes? It is a time-out error. I do have decent Internet connectivity as well, so I know it isn't that.
  2. Okay, I think I'm going to declare this thread officially dead, unless you all still want to continue. I guess I didn't pursue you guys, since I was already kind of busy with college, but I'm a lot more free now. (Also, I wan't a little more gameplay before revamping the combat system like I was thinking.)
  3. Mega Thread

    Banned for having an awesome avatar.
  4. Mega Thread

    Banned for not being a pony. (No, I'm not talking about your avatar. Just you in general.)
  5. Hmm... I don't have access to statistics, but I do think that if it has gotten smaller, it isn't by much. Sure, people have left the fandom at Twilicorn, or EQG, or Season 6... but people have joined as well. Right now, I think the fandom is in kind of a lull in "new members," but I don't really think it's gotten significantly smaller. I mean, just in looking at Youtube comment avatars, I am seeing a lot more ponies, and the other commenters don't care. Brony hate still exists quite a lot, but bronies in general are less "visible" to the outside world. The Brony fandom isn't dying, but it is losing its fad status. That means that yes, a lot of people are leaving, but it leaves behind the "true" fans - the ones that didn't come because it was popular, and the ones that didn't just become momentarily obsessed with the show. The ones remaining are the reviewers, the content creators, and the people that really just like ponies, no matter what direction the show takes. For example, take Fimfiction, a site that I know the most about. The numbers of stories and authors writing them are going down steadily. But just in the past few years, there has been an increasing number of good stories. The ones that could have easily become novels or short stories in their own right, publishable if they had not been based on a copyrighted material. Nopony can really judge the "quality" of a fan, but still, I think that there are more and more people who are really invested in MLP, even as the total number goes down. And who knows? This next season could easily be good enough to attract more people. The show is far from dead. Besides, while a lot of people panicked and left over Twilight's ascension, the show was praised heavily for breaking the mold of other cartoons that remained static, ultimately resulting in more fans than before. A "new generation" of post-ascension bronies. This new character shift could do the same thing.
  6. By deduction, I must constantly have dreams while being a pony, but I never can remember them. Since in order to remember a dream, it has to be particularly unusual. And since tend to imagine myself as a pony all day, nothing is really unusual about that. I know that I have had dreams about ponies, though, even when I don't remember my dreams. When I still hadn't told my parents that I was a Brony, I was woken up rather abruptly from deep sleep, and my mom was asking me questions. My brain was not fully restarted yet, though, and I could not form words properly. I said something about "magic" (that was all I remembered of what I said), and while I know I didn't say anything about ponies, as I was actively trying not to, I know that the "magic" I was referring to was definitely the unicorn kind. (That was one of the odd times when I was awake enough to know that I was not coherent enough to reliably keep secrets. It is a really odd feeling to panic as your thoughts are completely coherent, but your mouth is still connected primarily to your subconscious.) I had one Inception-style dream where I think I was a pony, but I might have been simultaneously a human. Dreams are odd like that.
  7. All right. I have a few suggestions that I hope will be useful. For something with a complex and interesting plot, Rites of Ascension, by CvBrony is a great story about Twilight's ascension that was started before Season 3, and it has its own complex and detailed canon. Still, it is easy to read for vocabulary purposes. It is a very long story, though. For an interesting pony-on-Earth fic, Anthropology, by JasonTheHuman, is a good one that should be easy to read. For something more challenging, Alarm Clock, by Meta Four, is an incredibly confusing, but completely awesome fanfiction that not even I completely understood on the first reading.
  8. Hmm... that is a good point. But that would imply that one of them was kidnapped about 8-10 hours before the other, since both bodies were present in the sky at that time, not just froze in place. Wait a minute... maybe the Tree of Harmony keeps them moving, and the Princesses give them boosts to get past the horizon..? But yeah, I think this would be the thing I would like for them to address the most. Before that episode, I liked the headcanon that after Discord's reign, the Sun and Moon were sent into degenerate orbits, the previous unicorns, and now Luna and Celestia, have to boost their orbital velocity twice a day to keep them from destroying Equus. (In this headcanon, the Sun is a smaller magical entity. Not a star. An alternative could be a slowing Equus rotation, but that makes less sense.
  9. Hmmm... definitely an interesting question that I have wondered about. Personally, I think that, based on accounts of the group of unicorns that raised the Sun and Moon before the Princesses, it would have to be a one-time thing. Well, it is possible that moving them across the sky takes minimal effort, but I like to think of the Sun and Moon in Equestria as their own magical entities. They behave in a similar manner to clouds in Equestria. They do things on their own, but they require management to function properly.
  10. Well, I sketched, then vectored it, but apparently I didn't really do enough to change it. Oops. (I was completely inexperienced with drawing pegasi in the air, and I used it as a reference.) Anyway, they aren't meant to be looking at each other. The grey pony is supposed to be looking down at something on the ground. I'm probably going to redo the cover eventually, when my regular drawing skills improve, but I'm not in that much of a hurry to fix it. On the other hand, it would be totally unacceptable if people traced when doing commissions. But seeing as I am just starting with everything, I'm not super worried about it. (But now I don't rely on something like that.) Thanks for the help, though. I definitely am not offended by the feedback. Even when making it the first time, while still new to the whole thing, I was hesitant to use that Rainbow Dash image as a reference. I just couldn't get the flight to look right at the same time as having her look at the ground.
  11. Thanks! Since then, I have gotten a bit better, but I may considering doing more in that style, just for fun. The problem is that these take so long to make, that I usually have more projects that would be more important for me to do. This is my second one, that I made for the cover art of my fanfiction.
  12. Never-mind. The description was wrong. The only instant growth comes with the master variety.
  13. I have a large enough farm and resources now that it would be useful to have a shop. Is that something that is possible on this server? (survival)
  14. The description of the Earth pony class includes faster or instant plant growth. Is this only usable with a saddle? Or is there something I'm missing?
  15. @@ProbablyNotLyra @@KlutsyDraconequus @@ScrewLoose The bartender returned the look. "He wasn't paying. This isn't a free service, you know." (I'm controlling the changeling. For the future, I control all non-player characters.) (And no, the changeling doesn't really know that much about Equestrian culture, so he doesn't know that assault is a punishable crime. You won't get arrested for a small fistfight, but a beating like that, definitely. Also remember that the other ponies in the bar won't know that he's a changeling, even if the characters figure it out. And we can't arrest him directly, as none of our characters are part of the police force or military. A delicate situation.) (EDIT: Whoops. I sort of forgot Screw Loose was a stallion. Show instincts, I guess. Sorry!)