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  1. Night Terror

    What do ponies call other languages?

    Rather equine take on it and better than anything I've had so far
  2. Night Terror

    What do ponies call other languages?

    Maybe I can go Etymology Sherlock? And just trace all European langauges in MLP that have a mlp name and break them down and try to make one for Latin and/or Greek.
  3. So as I was writing something recently I came across a block in my flow, this block came in the form of not knowing what languages are called in the MLP verse. Can anypony here think of or direct me to the most 'offical' names of these languages? Note: The ones I am looking for are Latin and Greek, anything else is just a nice tid bit for future reference. At a dead end I decided to take a more etymological route. So the word Latin is derived from the word Latinus, which means "of Latium" But then in this case you would need to have a pony name for Lazio as that is the ancient name of Latium.
  4. Night Terror


  5. Night Terror approached the gate of the Settlement, head up high, carrying himself like the Prince he is. Arriving at the gate, he settled into a stance that was comfortable yet conveyed power and authority. He summoned his magic and conjured a massive hoof the used it to knock on the gates. "Hail Settlers! I come to seek refuge from the elements and bandits! May I speak to the one who is in charge?" He said in a level tone, using the Royal Voice.
  6. "As much as I enjoy stealth, infiltration would be unwise. I doubt they would take lightly to two alicorns appearing among their midst." "Diplomacy is our best option, I shall approach the gate and you shall remain close but hidden from sight. If anything goes wrong, we will extract."
  7. The closer they got to the settlement the more fortified it appeared, details came into sharp contrast to the bleak landscape. This location was either a base for sophisticated bandits, as if, or a settlement fortified to defend against said bandits. "What shall our plan of entry be Halfling?"
  8. This halfling is an interesting individual...He somehow has an affinity for water. "Interesting abilities if I do say so...Perhaps you will be of use after all." "I see a settlement in the distance, we will head in that direction but do not engage. We should avoid contact unless it is unavoidable or they prove to be a neutral faction." With that he headed towards the settlement.
  9. "I can control the Darkness...What pray tell lurks in the abyss?" He asked rhetorically "If you wish for a taste of Darkness...I'll oblige." finishing in a dark voice Suddenly Night Terror's form didn't seem as stable, if one were to focus on his outlines they would quickly lose said focus. On a physical level, waves of smoke-like shadows rolled off his body with a slight red tint and his eyes seemed to leak the same smoke. On another level, one could feel a subtle touch of terror, almost like anxiety, but that was because Night Terror was suppressing his full power, as to not harm the Halfling. Just as quickly as the change occurred, Night Terror dispelled the shadows and appeared as his normal self once more. "Does that suffice?" he asked ominously
  10. "You speak in tongues Halfling, as for what I think? I do not think much on such frivolous matters." He said rather matter of factly. "I hail from Equus, and indeed Equestria. My opinion on the Princesses matters little in a place such as this...but if you must know. Celestia is a strong ruler with a spine, something to be admired certainly, but she is also taunt like a whipcord. She does little for herself, she is quick to lash out in person at times, it takes effort to convince her to relax or take a break of any sort." He sighs and shakes his head. "As for Dearest Luna? Well she is a strong leader certainly but not as bold as Celestia. She does not let others tread over her, nor would I let them, but she is still not as bold as her sister. She like her sister, care greatly for the ponies of Equestria but she goes further than her sister to comfort the common pony. She will dream walk to keep nightmares at bay by Night and walk the streets by Day." He paused to collect himself. "Both are also immensely powerful and have great prowess in combat. It would be unwise to get on their bad side. Although they are both immensely powerful and demonstrate such prowess in combat..." He trailed off with a toothy smile, exposing his fangs. "They could not hope to defeat me in single combat or even together."
  11. "How I came to be? There's a tale to be told, a story told." He said with a hint of mirth "I was the creation of The Creator's themselves, I was made for the sole purpose of Protecting the Night." "I am the Harbinger of Darkness, the Herald, the Lord, and the Darkness itself."
  12. "I look forward to seeing what prowess you have in combat halfing." "Ah,energy...that is something I require as well and am well acquainted with." ' "As for what I can do...?" He trails off with a dark, sinister chuckle. "I do not think you would want the knowledge of such things."
  13. "He claims he can move the astral bodies...I find that unlikely as the creators have no reason to create another such being." he mused out loud, albeit quietly. The next things he said loudly enough to be heard, "So...your talent is that you can control water? Or maybe more than that simple liquid? Regardless, not much good an ability such as that does in this desolate wasteland." finishing with a chuckle.
  14. "My 'talent' as ponies call it, does not lay in an action or even a profession. Rather it is the concept and idea itself that I can control. Darkness is my domain, my Will is that of the Darkness and the Darkness is of my will." were the words in spoke with a authoritative undertone. "As for my cutie mark? It has nothing to do with the Moon nor do I hold any sway over the Moon. My cutie mark is simply a mark to remind me of my duty, to Guard the Night herself." he finished quietly but with conviction.
  15. "Strange or not, this land is suppose to hold great dangers. But yes, I agree that this is a strange land." He responded. His eyes constantly scanned the horizon, looking for an potential threats. It's quite out here, this land is far more peaceful than it has any right to be...too quite...