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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. Oh look who has a birthday today! ^_^ 


  4. Happy birthday Crescent Forest!

  5. Merry Birthiversary! 

    1. Crescent Forest
    2. Denim&Venöm


      You're very welcome

  6. Hey, your you tube channel is pretty cool. That game you play looks just like a digital version of the Arkham Horror board game. I play that game almost every weekend with my bro in law, we also have the innsmouth expansion. R u a big Lovecraft fan? 

    1. Crescent Forest

      Crescent Forest

      Thank you :fluttershy:. Yeah. I have read some of his books :P.

    2. Cherry-Pie


      That's really cool. I'm gaga for Lovecraft. Maybe I'll show you some of my drawings some time. :please:

    3. Crescent Forest

      Crescent Forest

      Cool, I would like too see them :fluttershy:.

  7. "She was probably panicking over her books to even think about looking for a suspect" "A hundred years on the moon doesn't sound to bad if it means pranking royalty, and yes it is on Canterlot street."
  8. Crescent "Sure, let go" He started flying as fast as possible" Crescent looks at Woody. "Do you have anything particular you have in mind?" "Or should we prank Celestia or Luna" He said in a joking manner."
  9. (Twilight Sparkle) I swear I am going to find who ever is doing this!) Crescent Forest laughs a little and looked at Woody and says" All right let's get out of here before she spots us. Where do you want to go?"
  10. (Twilight Sparkle) "What is going on!? This is not funny!" Crescent Forest laughs and says "Got any more tricks we can use on her? like temporally making all the books pages go blank. That will probably freak her out even more."
  11. My computer is finally fixed!

  12. Nice OC/profile pic. :derp:

  13. "Yeah Twilight sure do like her books." (He waits until Twilight open the library door.) "OK she is here." (Twilight enters the room and started reading the book) "Ready to start the prank?"( He said with excitement and nervousness)
  14. "Don't worry about that. (As he tries his best not to move) as long as she doesn't talk to anypony I can probably maintain this position and not freak out about us getting caught and being sent to the moon."