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  1. Merry Birthiversary! 

  2. Merry Birthiversary! 

  3. I've read in fanfics before where Pegasi offer their beloved a pinion feather like an engagement ring.
  4. Gonna be a witchy witch this year, with a velvet cape and a sparkly hat!
  5. A cute sunshine. I love to sing, and do art, and make people happy! I have a lot of interests, but I think my talent is optimism, hehe.
  6. So, I'm looking for an app-based virtual pet game. I don't have a great internet connection at home so offline access is a must. I'd prefer if it wasn't a clicker game either. Any favorites out there?
  7. I'm a Roman Revivalist, and consider myself religious. I honor the gods and make offerings, and live my life in an honorable manner.
  8. As a roman revivalist, I don't believe in heaven and hell as such, but I believe that there is an afterlife. It's good to honor the gods and honor one's family, and I believe I'll be rewarded in the afterlife. However, I don't think other people in other religions should conform to my own beliefs... maybe there's more than one afterlife...? Who knows!
  9. There are a lot of great Flarity fanfics out there. I think the two are super cute together! They have spa days together.
  10. Those pictures you used are gorgeous. I might be a Terrorcon convert now
  11. I like Roddy! He had a great arc of character development in G1. I think the problem is that everyone compares him to Optimus. Surprisingly, Soundwave remains a steady favorite in all incarnations. I liked him in Prime where he was a silent creepy sort of mech, and I liked him in G1 with his huge family of cassettes. That said it's nice to see Jazz on a favorites list! He's one of my faves too. I like his cool attitude and how his whole aesthetic is about rock and roll. I should have put more bots on my initial post instead of just mentioning Starscream, lol. There are so many I really like.
  12. So, I looked around a bit, and didn't find a great thread with this subject so... I ask of you, one Hasbro franchise to another, which is your favorite transformer? Personally, I like a lot of them, but when I have to choose a favorite... I really like Starscream. I appreciate how in G1, he's always trying to accomplish his evil goals, despite near constant failure. That said, I like how in later Gens he can also be a nuanced character with his own quirks and ambitions beyond just usurping control of the Decepticons (it was neat to see him be really manipulative and scheming in Prime). Also, wow I love his color scheme in G1, and think it should have been kept for later gen installments. XD So who's your favorite transformer?
  13. It may be hard for someone who started from the edginess of Prime to go back to G1 for a bit, but I promise you won't regret it. I haven't read the IDW comics, but I hear they're astounding, like even people who know nothing about the franchise hold high praise for More Than Meets The Eye and sister comic Robots In Disguise.