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  1. Last exams today!!!

  2. I actually love this community :derp:

    1. Snow


      I actually agree with you :derp:

    2. Catpone Cerberus

      Catpone Cerberus

      I actually comment to this. :3 :derp:

    3. Lunar Echo

      Lunar Echo

      I wish I understood your motto. ^_^

  3. Getting sick of exams :okiedokieloki::unamused::baconmane:

  4. starting a patreon page... working out prices, any ideas?

    1. Snow


      Gimi twenni dalla?
      Perhaps look at some of the commission shops around and compare the quality and price? :P

    2. Ecto Storm

      Ecto Storm

      Depends. I'd go with @snow.'s suggestion. 

    3. spoopy_gander


      thanks guys!

  5. okay, sorry for any inconvenience
  6. the photo's have just come out, and I was wondering if anyone else was at the Melbourne TØP concert (Rod Laver Arena March 31st 2017)
  7. spoopy_gander

    Post your Desktop

    its of a recent picture I took
  8. this just happened: I don't even know how XD
  9. was wondering how many of y'all are from Melbourne, aus, like me
  10. my oc rose would wear a baggy jumper of some sort, mainly greys, shorts and socks:
  11. spoopy_gander

    Mega Thread Answer the question above you.

    yes. pineapple on pizza. yes or no?
  12. your art is so gooooooooooooooooooood
  13. spoopy_gander

    Mega Thread How are you feeling?

    tired and hungry... not having breakfast was a bad idea
  14. my dinner last night, toast with fried pancetta... with LOADS of butter
  15. im busy *stuffs face with cheezels*

  16. spoopy_gander

    Hey guys

    welcome new fren! you are definately correct iin saying we are a nice supportive bunch
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