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  1. You are 46% Fascist, which makes you a Fascist Fellow-Traveler. Uh, wasn't expecting that, "Fellow-Traveler" is a cool title though.
  2. Never thought I'd see Deus Ex in a forum about miniature colored horses, good taste nonetheless. Re-installing it again.
  3. Thanks for the follow. :squee:

  4. I'd say G4 was just lightning in a bottle, the right people at the right time. For G5 to have a fandom like this one had, would take skilled writers, animators, and other such staff; frankly I'm not seeing Hasbro putting in the money or effort for that.
  5. A panda. What other animal is loved and has one of the most powerful countries on Earth protect them and trying to get them to have sex?
  6. @SparklingSwirls You actually remembered that post?I'm surprised. I will eat your muffin and I will it with gusto!
  7. Well glad to hear things were taken care of in time.
  8. I'd bet so. Way I see it, without someone with a creative vision like Faust, and without a genuinely skilled writer, G5 will be just another extended toy commercial on the airlines. That's curious, why do you hope that?
  9. Thanks for follow me!:fluttershy:

    1. Esom


      No problem you deserve it.

  10. One of them is going for walks, it's simple and a little repetitive but it clears my mind and it's free.
  11. I think it was about 1.2km took me something like 5 hours to travel all that, what a memory, maybe I will try to beat my record someday.
  12. Apatheism I guess, though that isn't really a religion I guess in practicality I'm an atheist.
  13. Having known the kind of company of company Hasbro® is, Flurry Heart didn't surprise me all that much.
  14. I don't see what could go wrong, go right ahead. I hope the lack of info on my profile isn't too bothersome.
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