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    " what fun is there in making sense? "
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    I'm the god of chaos, I'm sure you could make an accurate guess.

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  1. I've recently been playing the Sly cooper collection and I've come to really like a character named Dimitri Lousteau. He made a song called Greasy sweet and at the start he says " Show me your bling and let me shine you". What the heck does that mean? Any ideas?
  2. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    .. Maybe he's more a threat then anything ..
  3. When you're womanly time comes around, a pound of chocolate is your friend~

  4. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    Canterlot castle, mainly. Miss sun butt and her little sister want to keep a close eye on me, so untrusting ..
  5. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    I see .. Perhaps I should meet this fellow. Whaa-? How did you- I havn't been writing to no pony! Nope!
  6. I suppose I could do voice acting =3 Can I have something to act out though instead of just talking randomly into the mic.
  7. I actually used to love sleeping outside~! But I had an extremly bad experience which is why I'm the nervous wreck I am today, so I'll never sleep outside again. But I love to open the window at night to get the fresh air. And if it's raining, it helps me sleep, and I always have a great sleep that night =3
  8. Love4discord18

    Mega Thread Why you chose your user name.

    My name is Kristen, and last I checked, I think it means " Bearer of Christ " or something like that? I don't know ..to be completely honest ..
  9. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    A crush on Celestia? Come now, let's not be childish. I have no crush on nopony. And even if I did have a crush, it would not be her! She imprisioned me in stone, I have no reason to like her!
  10. Nopers~! I'm from Canada =3 And yeah, follow the link Prometheus gave you if you're looking for fellow Bronies~
  11. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    (( I havn't seen any of season 4 yet, Canada doesn't have the show anymore, please no spoilers everyone okayymjykrlmhkg =3 )) Mister Mxyz-zpthhhlik? Mxyzaptlk? Myx ...ziptalk? ...No, I havn't ...
  12. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    Well in order to be the god of chaos you have to be able to lure in your victims~
  13. Love4discord18

    Ask Discord~!

    Of course~! Would I ever lie to you precious little ponies~? It's very cold. And cramped. The food service is also horrible.
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