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  1. ProbablyNotLyra

    Edgy Doodles

    Soo, I was bored and started to doodle, but then I got really into it and I actually really like these.
  2. ProbablyNotLyra

    Hi! I'm a British Brony/Pegasister.

    Heyooo, hope you have a nice time here. As you can see, we're pretty friendly
  3. ProbablyNotLyra

    Equestrian Empire Help

    Sooo, I notice a certain Zephyr Breeze isn't on the cast character list.. Would he still count as a 3rd-tier character, being Fluttershy's brother?
  4. My eyes have been opened. Thank you for pointing out the toothpaste mane. Cool OC, too. You put quite a bit of thought into it, that's nice. Hope you have a nice time here!
  5. ProbablyNotLyra

    Crimson Ace

    Crimson Ace
  6. @KlutsyDraconequus @ScrewLoose @, Mirage came up behind Rain, a worried look on his face. "Are you okay buddy? You seem kinda out of it. You sure you're not sick?" Mirage asked, sounding concerned.
  7. ProbablyNotLyra

    #1 - Notable Changes in Behavior

    Scientific or not, it doesn't change what you believe and feel. The Placebo effect, unless I'm wrong, means that one takes a medicine, for example, that actually does nothing. However, even though the medicine does nothing, the person believes it does, therefore, in some cases, causing the effect the medicine would have had to actually happen, albeit in a smaller way. So, even if this hypnosis thing doesn't really 'alter my personality', I believe it might.. So let's just see what happens. Maybe I will feel like a pony. Wouldn't that be awesome?
  8. ProbablyNotLyra

    Derpy Fan Club

    I see your adora-derp, and raise you one Vincent Van Muffin painting
  9. ProbablyNotLyra

    #1 - Notable Changes in Behavior

    I'm gonna do my own little experiment on this soon, and I'll have my friend be watching and writing down what happens, just so I don't put my bias into anything. This is super interesting.. I think it might be true
  10. @@Skycoaster, Oh yaa, those night guard. Hmmm... Maybe. We'll see where the journey takes him.
  11. ProbablyNotLyra

    Midnight Oil

    OH MY GOSH he looks so adorable! And that's a wonderful backstory, not to edgy and not to boring. Great job on the whole thing!
  12. ProbablyNotLyra

    #1 - Notable Changes in Behavior

    You serious about all this? I'm not one to believe much in hypnosis, but I've seen what it does to people on stage, making them think they're dogs, or that a tube of rubber is a killer snake. If this is all real.. That's kinda cool. Mind pointing me in the direction of the Pony Hypnosis post?
  13. ProbablyNotLyra

    hello ! && im looking for an rp partner

    Howdy, and welcome to the forums! I'm happy to help with your RP, if you want me too. My OC is a griffon named Mirage, and he can play the 'masculine' role you want, and anything else, too. I also have to say, cheesy romance is a good hook for me too, I just can't get enough, even if it's ridiculously cute sometimes. If you wanna RP with me, just shoot me a PM. Oh, you can set up your OC in the Everfree character database, in the roleplay section of the forums. You do have to post a few things before it will let you do that, though. Have fun!
  14. @KlutsyDraconequus @ScrewLoose,@@AuroraMLP, ((Ohhhh, this is actually a great test for the fighting mechanic against an actual enemy! It also gives our little group a bigger reason to go into the Everfree.. Maybe the changeling came from there? Who knows, just putting out some ideas.))
  15. @@Skycoaster,@@Daring_Do, Huh, I had no idea those two were the only two in Luna's guard. I can't get the comics, so I'm kinda sad I miss out on those two things. Mirage kinda looks up to Luna, because she's the Princess of the Night, and the place he comes from uses the star and moon to guide them in the desert at night, so he just naturally appreciates her. Maybe no night guard then, and he can just stick with the Royal Guard.