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  1. I live in a suburb of portland, and though it is a small jaunt up I5 it is still nice to know I am not alone in Oregon. Have a nice day.
  2. That with all of the differing personalities there is something to please everyone whether it be just the show or reading the most obscure clopfic on fimfiction, listening to the many songs we have put out, or replying to topics on this forum.
  3. I just found it more readable for some reason. Sorry for taking forever to respond
  4. Cool. Thank-you. Post it as soon as possible
  5. I like it a lot, especially for a first one, but could you make an epilouge?
  6. No, and when I try to get my friend to watch MLP they just laugh.
  7. I still like the story, but I liked te previous version more.
  8. I was thinking of starting a MLP forums facebook group to "partae" If anyone is interested, I wwould be more than happy to to invite you. We could devise a plot to overthrow FELD0 or anything else.
  9. Whiteshade: His posts make me laugh Shankveld: I dont know why FELD0: Once he made this site he became the awesomest pony in equestria.
  10. You must do more. This is probably my 2nd favorite fan fic, and I read a lot of it.
  11. WHat materials did you use to build it?
  12. DOes the slide pull back at all or no? It looks amazing, but I still like real guns more.