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  1. Happy Birthday! May your dreams come true!:squee:


    By the way. I noticed that you are Fluttershy and astronomy fan. I simply should following you!;):D

  2. I'm very sorry for not replying here for a while! College and work are practically kicking my flanks unexpectedly. @Techno Universal Alright, sounds good. Sorry for being hard on your OC like that. @Tilgoreth Hmm, I know I'm probably going to be stretching myself thin here, but sure, I'm feeling confident. I'll make the absolute number of players six (including myself), for now, and will go ahead and edit the topic saying it's closed. Of course, I'll reopen a spot if someone decides to drop out, cause I know IRL reasons can spring up for anyone of us. Alright, so I read their bios, and I'm willing to accept Silga Singewald. I'm not sure about the whole goblin thing, but, then again, we haven't seen all of Equestria, so who knows what other mythical creatures there could be. If you're interested in playing a canon character, that's lovely! I would love to see an example of how you would role-play as them, though, via PM, if you don't mind. ^^ @Techno Universal@Tilgoreth@Blood Moon@Philweasel@Mickey Adaptus Alright, now that we have reached the improvised max number of players, I'll make note of it in the starting post via editing. Now, we are potentially able to begin! I already have a fall back plan to start off with, which is the whole Cosmic Breeze first time coming to Ponyville, but if there's anything we could add onto it, or perhaps a different starting idea, we are free to discuss!
  3. @Blood Moon Just read their two bios, and they're pretty cool and have my stamp of approval ! And if you ever feel like you want to play as Fluttershy, feel free to shoot me a PM! She is my favorite out of the mane six so I might be kind of excited about that. X3 If need be, I'll also play some canon characters myself, but I will also abide to my own rules and show y'all my auditions. If we REALLY urgently need a canon character during a scene or something, then I'll play them as an NPC temporarily if I'm not interested in actually claiming them. @Mickey Adaptus Hmm, I suppose he is somewhat plausible in a Tarzan-esque sense, even though the bandit camp is very borderline. The only thing that I'm truly iffy about is his war gear, especially the Master Crafted claws. Still, I'll give him a stamp of approval. ^^ @Techno Universal Um, honestly, I'm... I don't know how to feel about your OC. The backstory (even the fact that he was once human and is a universal being connected to this... DATANET?), the power, what he is and does... it screams Godlike OP. The fact that he built every single pony, one by one, and all of Equestria alongside his siblings (one of which made the villains of MLP?) is... honestly absurd. That pretty much gives him the right to metagame everything relating to Equestria. He would know all of the lore, and would know every single pony (OCs included), what they do, their strengths and weaknesses, etc.. I'm very sorry, but... I can't accept him. He just doesn't make any sense in the MLP universe. I know you say you don't want to do OP things with him, but the fact he's even capable of almost limitless power and that he's practically the God/Creator of Equestria, goes quite to the deep end of being a Gary Stu character. If I've offended you, I am deeply sorry. Now, I did notice in the backstory about the version you have of him for the 'Musical RP'. That one, I can accept, if that's alright with you. @Philweasel Stern Lancer seems pretty cool and fits nicely within the boundaries of canon! He earns my stamp of approval! ^^ That is a good question. I made this thread since I was searching for a small group of role-players interested in doing role-plays that fit the canon universe of MLP, or, at least, as close as possible. @Blood Moon@Mickey Adaptus@Techno Universal@Philweasel Alright, now I see that we have five players, including me. I know I did say four players max, but perhaps five is still doable. Now that we have gathered, we can discuss ideas! An initial idea of mine is my OC, Cosmic Breeze, coming to Ponyville for the first time (since my last RP with it kind of went down in flames with so many players at once), and would most likely be a slice-of-life genre. But that's just my initial idea, and could probably act as the fall back plan as well if we can't come up with anything else.
  4. ( Roleplay Link: Yet to be created ) Hello again, fellas! It had been quite some time since I made a role-play here, but the last time I attempted it, so many players joined that it was overwhelming and too much to handle. I've learned the hard way that, at least for me, the role-playing experience would be so much better if it was just limited down to either 1x1 or up to 4 players max. That way, taking turns are more coordinated, and schedules are more manageable. Of course, IRL matters come first! With that being said, I'm very interested in doing very close to canon type of role-plays (something you would expect in the EQE section as an example), with even canon characters (very encouraged) thrown into the mix to interact with. If you are interested in playing a canon character, or perhaps quite a few of them since this would be a small group, that would be lovely! It is very much encouraged, but I would also like to get a PM from you as well with a short audition. If we are going to be playing very close to canon, the canon characters are going to have to be role-played as such as well! At the bottom of this post, there will be a canon character list! The mane six, Starlight Glimmer, and the princesses will be the only ones listed at first, but if you're interested in another canon character and you apply for it, I will add it to the list with your name on it! For role-play ideas... well, that's something we can discuss! I could go the route with my older role-play where it was my OC first arriving into Ponyville, but I'm open to discussion! Of course, we now have to go onto the dreadful part... rules. Sorry if they are quite detailed. No God-modding. This basically means taking control over another player's character's actions, typically in relation to your own. If, for example, you role-played your character bucking some other pony in the face, and that it knocked three of their teeth out, and you wrote that in the same post, that would be God-modding since you did not let the other person respond. The correct way is to role-play your character attempting to buck some pony in the face, so that the other player can respond with their character's reaction, which could be either dodging out of the way, attempting to parry/counter, or letting it hit. Those poor teeth if it did. RIP, pearly whites... RIP No Gary Stus and/or Mary Sues. If you're not sure what these names mean, it basically eludes to perfect characters. Being ridiculously OP with an irresistible charisma is a pretty good example. I'm fairly interested in doing very close to canon type of role-plays here, and these types of characters just don't exist there, plain and simple. 2.b. To add onto this, OCs with a grimdark past would also... be looked down upon. It contradicts with the nature of MLP in general. Non-extreme stuff is plausible (like abandonment as a foal), but not extremely dark (like kidnapped to be a super alicorn assassin), please. No Killing without direct player permission. I know, in the MLP universe, it's a rather foreign concept, but I still need to bring it up. Alicorn OCs are very iffy. If you happen to have an alicorn OC that you are wanting to play, it's going to have to abide to rule number 2, and it would also have to make sense in the backstory for why that OC even IS an alicorn, preferably something that makes sense canon-wise. Try to do your best with grammar and punctuation! I know no pony is going to be perfect at it, but give it your best shot! I would also advice you to please, please, please avoid one-liners. I tend to do at least three+ for all of my posts, usually quite a bit more, and seeing another player just reply with a one-liner puts me off and tells me they aren't putting much effort into it. Abide the site rules! The most important, golden rule of all is to have fun! Princess Twilight Sparkle: Available Apple Jack: Available Rainbow Dash: Available Fluttershy: Available Rarity: Available Pinkie Pie: Available Starlight Glimmer: Available Princess Celestia: Available Princess Luna: Available Princess Cadence: Available
  5. I live in the good ol' state of Texas! Everything is bigger here!-- shot In all seriousness, though, the weather here is freakin' bipolar! Oh, and I also live near the Dallas area.
  6. Hmm, I'm not certain how screwed I would be. The Changeling doesn't look all that threatening wearing shorts and yellow shoes like that. Then again, I'm not really a powerful unicorn, soooo... 75.3% certain I'm screwed.
  7. I think you may be onto something there. I've heard that @Penguinbrony24 isn't actually a penguin, but a chihuahua, whose still a brony.
  8. I've heard that @Penguinbrony24 really likes to rain on everypony's parade.
  9. Dark! Hmm, what's your favorite Disney movie?
  10. @Derplight Sperkle Ah, okay. Sorry for disturbing you after all this time. Thanks for the info though. ^^
  11. I suppose ambivert would be the best to describe me, perhaps leaning more toward introvert. It's hard to say, really. I feel uncomfortable in large groups, but I love hanging out with a small group of friends, to the point where I sometimes feel energized. I also tend to stay in my room when not out and about, doing whatever on the interwebs. Other than the whole small group of friends thing, I've never been very social, so I would usually be the silent one in class unless someone spoke to me specifically, or a discussion of something I'm very interested in comes up, and it could end up with me rambling. Often times I wouldn't know what to talk about if it wasn't a topic I knew heavily about. Kind of why I relate to Fluttershy and Twilight quite a bit. Maybe not as shy or heavily studious as them, of course, heh.
  12. @Derplight Sperkle Heh, I know it's been a while since I've last spoken here, but I suppose the site is still being rebuilt? Not sure why the bio has yet to be fixed in over 3-4 months. If you need me to, I can re-submit his form. Maybe that'd be the easier option to take.
  13. I think the only episode I really remember somewhat crying to, since it was so recent, is "The Perfect Pear". Not sure if I cried on any of the others. Now, being surprised, on the other hand, that's a different story since I don't deal with spoilers. XD
  14. I am quite sorry for my very long absence, but it's finally summer break now from college, so that's good! Anyway, I don't really have any excuse other than that, but I also wanted to say that I don't think I can keep up with this role-play anymore either. We just have too many players, and it's very hard to keep track of for me. Not to mention the nightmare of having to take turns when there are 8 or more players and everyone's time schedule could be wildly different. For now, I'm going to focus on much smaller role-plays that are only one on one, or maybe a group of three, or four at the most. I deeply apologize for any who were looking forward to continuing this certain role-play with me.
  15. @CentipedeGhoul I also have to add on to what @Alex Van Gamer said, and that you haven't even replied to here. You just suddenly came out in the blue into the RP, and decided to God-mod playing Pinkie Pie when only Alex Van Gamer is allowed to play her in this RP I started. So, please, I would ask that you edit your post so that you aren't playing Pinkie at ALL, and at least join our OOC conversations here. If you continue playing as Pinkie Pie, I will ask for you to leave the RP. @Rapid Wind I understand! I was honestly a bit worried about how many players we have actually, which could cause timing issues if we all stayed in one group IC.