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  1. Hey everyone, how are you. Haven't been able to get on this very often. Check in lol I guess. 

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

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    2. maddoghabets


      Well, sometimes. I wasn't expecting a reply from anybody. Well right away. 

    3. Denim&Venom


      Well you got a reply from me!

    4. maddoghabets


      Ya I guess you are right 😏

  3. critique wanted What The...?!

    thanks i really appreciate it
  4. critique wanted What The...?!

    Thank you for that... maybe i can get help with my writing!
  5. Need Help, Please

    oh well that sucks, oh well, =i guess
  6. Need Help, Please

    does it cost any thing?? i dont know any thing about what to do. it doesnt make any sense. how do i play??????? that is what i want to know! its saying that the site cannot be reached, this site took too long to respond This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. Go to Search Google for play poniarcade ERR_CONNECTION_TIMED_OUT
  7. Hi, sup. I um made a story, and i was wondering if anyone would like to read it or my other stories that i made. if you would like to read or give opinions, you are welcom to. I go soley off of constructive criticism to improve my writing, so please let me know what you think. I will insert the links to my stories if you want to read or if requested, i can put my stories on a topic. What The...?! Our Interesting Life. Code Black. ~Thanks~ ~Maddog
  8. yo:adorkable: .... i- I'm kinda l-lonley, a-and I uh jus-just was hoping f-for, uh m-maybe a uh a f-friend:rarity:

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    2. RuthPainter99


      Help ! I cant find it !

      Well im now a FimFiction member. User name RuthPainter

    3. maddoghabets


      just type maddog. it should be there

    4. RuthPainter99


      I found it !

      Its nice. So where are you going with this story ? Are they going to teleport to Equestrian or something ? 

      If I was ever got stuck in WW3 id do my best to help others. I'll fight if I have to but I perfure to try to love the enemy

  9. Need Help, Please

    or reply to this topic please..... i have tried to connect but it says the site is not available. thats why I'm asking
  10. Need Help, Please

    Hello, fellow friends, I was just wondering if anyone can tell me how to join the game? I am not really sure how to do just that. I've has been trying really hard to find a way, but I just really can't. can someone help me? there is no link or anything to join the games, just rules and such. PM me if you can help me. Thank you. ~Lost, Found, and ¨Fur¨ever Loved~ Maddog
  11. i need help,. i am lost i am sad, i am found i am loved Furever :D

  12. My OC i made.

    ok finally got it. what do you think?
  13. Would like a Cover Art for my FimFiction story! (Details inside)

    pm me and i will send you the pic of barn. oh and try to make it look like there is alot of bad people, with modern wepons. and us have advanced weapons. you can make their eyes glow. the dementions, im not sure. 8x8 inc maybe? use imagination for final. just make it look cool. Ill give you the credit for making the art. ikc if it is computer or hand. ill send an outline of me in the pose i would like to be in. and my facial expression. Jus make it look cool. btw thank you.
  14. Would like a Cover Art for my FimFiction story! (Details inside)

    all i need is the outline of the main six on a barn. as soon as i can get the pic of the barn you can go from there :0). maybe the outline of me an my brother also. it might be easeier
  15. Hello, i am looking for an artist that can draw better than me, or use programs. I would like cover art for my fimfic story. my story is on FIMFiction. any one interested??? In helping me?