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  1. Herro world!!! I exist again :3 -glomps-

  2. Best friends are the ones that send you AMAZING pics and AWESOME sites :D (Misty)

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    2. Crazy Misty
    3. WhiteLightning


      I fear this has to do with his previous status....

    4. Proailurus


      Ikr WhiteLightning


  3. Must....Fap....>.<

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    2. Proailurus


      probably... Hopefully I can delete all of my commments before then ^^

    3. Deidre Asada

      Deidre Asada

      Fapping is a sin you are a naughty pony. You must repent now before it is to late repent now !!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

    4. ♥BrokenheartedAndInLove♥


      ffrom a mod...gonn remove this..lol love yall inboxx me!

  4. Mr. Bengoa is kewl :D Letting me play my music out loud whuke he's playing call of duty wiff all the guys XD

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    2. Crystal Sparkle
    3. Viscra Maelstrom

      Viscra Maelstrom

      well, that's those peoples problem. who the fuck cares what knocks your socks off? it's not going to hurt anyone, seriously.

    4. Crystal Sparkle

      Crystal Sparkle

      I don't care, but it's still exhausting to see.

  5. Wig-allo Wig Wig allo allo

  6. I love you..I miss you..I want you....But I can't have you...<3

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    2. Chantilly Angel
    3. ♥BrokenheartedAndInLove♥


      Hmm....well, tell him to tell you how he feels about you! <3

    4. Chantilly Angel

      Chantilly Angel

      Nice idea...but he's with someone else...

  7. are you unbanned now?! ^_^

    1. ♥BrokenheartedAndInLove♥
    2. ♥BrokenheartedAndInLove♥


      thank fuckkin godd...ohh butt i cant do RP at school i dont think

  8. Rarity....-orgasms-

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    2. Doctor XFizzle

      Doctor XFizzle

      I'm a Rarity fan and I approve of this message

    3. Lady Rarity Pony

      Lady Rarity Pony

      Hey, I did not climax yet. Stop lying.

    4. ♥BrokenheartedAndInLove♥


      Lol XD I loooove Rarity

  9. Lol I had a dream about me and Rarity.......:3