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  1. Mega Thread

    Here's a song I've been listening to a lot recently. Unfortunately, this band only has one album with five songs out.
  2. Mega Thread

    Ashen Eidolon by Gallowbraid. God, why do they only have one album?
  3. 10/10. I'm actually going to see Sabaton live in a little over a week.
  4. Mega Thread

    Here's one of my favorite songs of all time, The Scarecrow by Avantasia. One of my friends went to Wacken a few years ago and they played this there. Lucky bastard.
  5. 9/10. I have a new band to listen to.
  6. Somehow a couple of games and a hard drive takes longer to ship than a TV. Thanks for making sense, Amazon.

    1. CuriUndersXeno


      Depends on company and storage methods and how busy, how many workers etc. Also if the games are in a case theres a chance they end up lose, for me about 1/5 or 1/4 games ends up loose.

  7. One bad thing about having a sleep schedule that's the opposite of everybody else's is that almost nobody is on Overwatch.

  8. 8/10. I need more Rhapsody in my life.
  9. Anybody play Overwatch on PS4? My name is WokeSmeed53.

    1. Photon Jet

      Photon Jet

      I do. My PS4 name is Koopa126.

  10. The cockatrice from Stare Master is English and the cyclops goat thing from Lost Treasure of Griffonstone, Arimaspi, is Scythian.
  11. Not to mention the pegasi and unicorns (although my research tells me that the latter isn't technically Greek mythology, but the Greeks actually though unicorns were real.) Anyway, yeah, I like the Greek mythology influences in the show. It helps establish that the world is a lot different from our own, which helps with escapism. I've always had an interest in Greek mythology, so it feels pretty cool to see something and say "I know what that is." It's also pretty cool that they throw in stuff from more obscure mythologies, like English, Aztec, or Scythian.
  12. Tip: If you're a beginning guitarist, don't try to play a Necrophagist song.

  13. 5/10. I'm not into electronic music. It might be fine as an instrumental track, though.
  14. I need to upgrade my internet. I've been waiting 40 minutes to download a game on my PS4.

    1. Vulon Bii

      Vulon Bii

      The PS4 is probably bottlenecking itself.

  15. Mega Thread

    CHON's new single, Sleepy Tea. I'm looking forward to the new album if this is the opener.