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  1. My name is Jacob Smith, or alias, Silver Fenix or Varexiz. You can call me by any. Anyway, I am an EDM producer and DJ. I have never made a pony track, though I would like to start doing so. I attend BronyCon every single year, and I absolutely adore the MLP fandom. I remember way back when Rainbow Factory by WoodenToaster first came out. That was my sh** Anyway, if you'd like to collaborate on a music project, hmu. I am currently working on a 6 track EP. here's my sc if anyone wants it.
  2. Hi! I am Silver Fenix, otherwise known as Varexiz, and I am working on a 6-track EP consisting of a couple of different subgenres of EDM. I was wondering if anyone would like to collaborate for a track? It can be pony if you'd like, but I've never made a pony track before. If you'd like to hear my stuff, you can go to my ( or my soundcloud (
  3. Welcome to MLP Forums, Silver Fenix! I hope you have a great time here. /)