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  1. Can anypony hang out with me at babscon

    Anyone up for making going out to eat wortwhile? Give me a buzz on Twitter (CatbirbPony) or text me on Textnow (not voice) 562-269-4657
  2. I got into a room.

    I got into a musician's room. Everyone there is awesome. A final note on this: --------------------- I also have an HDMI setup for Saturday morning episode off Frontier TV as it comes in live. ----------------------- I tested the setup, as what I tweeted, Frontier TV does not include Discovery Family in the mobile app access. Only viewable within the account's address. That really upset me, spent hours settingup the app to see the chchannel had poofed. Shoulda tested it at a roach trap motel. Last straw for me; will vote to dump FiOS in the house for Time Warner or Spectrum. Dunno if their apps allow full mobile channel coverage.
  3. anyone need a room?

    At the hotel now. Scraping for any room spot. Have cash for it. I really don't want to burn it all on hotel solo.
  4. BABScon 2K17 Roomshare (Anything still open?)

    Let me join IN please? I will be 6-2-1 proper.
  5. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    Okay the requezt IS now open again because the other rooms have had last minute cancels. Can you try me again one last time?
  6. I'm at the hotel now. Need a floor space Thursday thru Sat nights. Sunday night I am bugging out.
  7. 2 spots available, Thu-Sun, Hyatt

    At con hotel now. I know all rules. Im at Pre-reg With lights on my bag. Come get me
  8. Two 5th floor spots available.

    I'm at the hotel now. Cell IS 5623312330
  9. Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    I'm here! I need to sack out. I can't sleep on the stairs.
  10. Can anypony hang out with me at babscon

    We can hang out! I'm coming a bit later today. Last few BABSCon years were not pleasant as I was mostly solo. Tried hanging with a Twitter friend and he got super nervous, so I now keep folks no closer than a yardstick. Help me break that. Please. My twitter is CatbirbPony. I got other comm apps so tell me what is best.
  11. Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    SWEEET! I have three media player Android boxes (one standby in case one flops) so we can watch the new episode Saturday morning in both rooms. I hope the room Ethernet ports under the tables are functioning. I'll get them all loaded up with the apps tonight. I will contact you when I arrive at 7:35 p.m. Thursday at San Francisco Caltrain off Megabus, a bit up north from the con. I'll just need to get a few buses and turn in for the night. For Sunday, I would need to leave at 10 p.m. to catch the midnight Megabus trip home. and yes I have been thinking of this trip since last year ***EDIT*** Oh, boy, I think I came off too excited here. :::pinkievibrates:::
  12. Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    Please contact me! I have offiste lodging offered by a vendor, but it's a bit far away, and I'd like to stay with you from Thursday night to Saturday night. Sunday afternoon, I'll be bugging my stuff out because my return bus trip starts at Monday midnight at the Caltrain station. I also have a media box or three with FiOS. I used to have it on tablets, but due to the new travel restrictions, I am moving everything off tablets and onto off-network phones (even bringing some out of retirement when I got tablets - now I am forced to retire tablets, lol) and media boxes. The media box will plug into the TV and we can watch the episode as it airs (not through a stream) on my FiOS family account. I will pay cash upfront via Paypal,, Square, whatever works, but in case my bank balks like it did at the other con in January, I have cash on hand. I plan to be an assistant or volunteer whenever possible, even unofficially. The reason I am so late with this is that I just finally convinced a coworker to take up my Saturday shift. I can deal with floor space, I have no qualms with that, I'm even packing my sleeping bag. I will be bringing a few things for the Dragon's Hoard Freebie table, garage cleanup has uncovered so much pristine stuff. I will be donating something quite saucy for the charity, which would look great with Peter's, Ashleigh's and Tabitha's signatures. Contact me via Twitter, or whatever is best for you to get in touch with me. Other apss are not good right now as I am getting rid of apps I am not using much anymore due to the move off tablets to phones. For this convention period, you can text me at 562 374-2018 It's all ready to take messages now. Thank you!
  13. Closed. Thanks everypony!

    This request has been withdrawn.
  14. Roomspace Thurs~Mon

    Sounds great! I am aiming for floor space, so I will be paying for that. What about the TV on Saturday morning when we watch the episode as it airs? Would that be doable? I have a FiOS account tablet with HDMI output and bringing in 2 extra hotspots in case hotel network is overloaded. If it's not possible , that would be fine. I can go elsewhere to view the episode live. I've been to BABSCon as well as other conventions, mostly in SoCal. so I am very familiar with the rules. I have improved my habits over past attendings, despite being a night owl gamer (Some Chinese Kung Fu Panda ARPG game- would be neat for a gaming panel but this con is not about that. Will do that at Califur instead.) There's a lot of things I can do like hmmer my icon picture out of a commission and two loose assets, but it's all hat. Anyways, throwing my hat in the ring. Hope I can get in. Confirmation would be critical to winning my work manager over for time off Easter weekend.