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  1. She nods curtly, "I suppose so, I have created many of them, after all.." She says, smiling sadly, remembering the time she created a star with her beloved, she wondered what happened to him after she was consumed by Nightmare Moon. "Say, have you seen a stallion? An alicorn at that?" She asked, a little hopeful.
  2. @Mysterious Way I think someone should get a canon char? I'd love to roleplay as Fluttershy ^^, I used to roleplay as her in the past, so I'd be a little rusty if you're fine with that. Also, I really just wanna get the RP thread running already but I'll wait QvQ
  3. FORUM: Name: Princess Krystal Age: Adolescence General description: Krystal is a unicorn, unfortunately, only her sister got the receiving end of the alicorn-likely-ness her mother had--but no matter. Krystal has her hair styled just as her mother had hers, however, her hair is colored sea blue, just like her father, she often ties her hair into a pony-tail or a bun to keep herself tidy. Family: Her mother is Princess Cadance, while her father is Shining Armour, she has an older sibling, Flurry Heart Likes: Reading Living up to her sister Being tidy
  4. She doesn't seem to remember the constellation all that well, but a feeling of nostalgia makes its way into her heart, leaving her to wonder what the constellation was. "Shadow Step..? That constellation seems familiar, don't you think?" She says, looking up in wide-eyed wonder, feeling as if the breeze was taking her away.
  5. Name: Mirelle Age: Adolescence General description: Mirelle is a descent of a pony and a dragon, given that she bears a lithe white body, her back often covered in several scales following with a long dragon's tail, tipped with scales the color of purple, rather than hooves, she has paws, tipped with unsheathed claws, her face is mostly belonging to a mare, however with a dragon's tongue, with pointed teeth. Her eyes are the color of the blue sky, with a black slit in the center--showing you just how she inherited from her father-- Her hair is long and well kept and with her symbolic
  6. Oooh, I'd love to join ^^ Do I have to do anything specific to join? Can my OC be the offspring of RarityxSpike? Or something along those lines? I'd like her to be a hybrid ^^
  7. She thought about it for a second, sighing and giving the stallion a curt nod, "Very well, I've been itching to escape from here anyway." She said, letting her wings spread as she stared behind her, smiling in adoration of the night's wonder, how the stars would perfectly light up the dark sky, bringing the lonely princess a feeling of nostalgia from her past, making her want to cry all over again. "Let's not stand around then," She said looking almost too excited, picturing herself flying freely--her expression belonging to that of an excited child. Quickly, she took his hoof with hers,
  8. The princess kept a straight face, though you could easily see her eyes still puffy from tears. "It's a foolish matter, nothing I should want to remember in the future." She said stubbornly, shaking her head. "Thank you for being worried, however, I'm sure you must finish your nightly rounds." She said, stubbornly, focusing on something else, just for him to not make eye contact with her, if he did, she would surely give in. She had an itch to fly right out of her room and just clear her head in the clouds.
  9. Lavender Crowne
  10. Sorry about the late reply! I had my moving up ceremony and we had practices for it QvQ
  11. The mare was busy straightening herself before letting anyone see her cry, if she was seen crying over such a childish matter, she would look unprofessional--but everytime she tried to hold in her tears, it kept spilling from her eyes, sighing, she said, "Come in." She said in a weak, tired voice, rather than her usual proud voice. She sighed, getting onto her hooves, wiping her teary-eyed face with a tissue before bracing herself and straightening her posture to face her advisor. "Is there something of the matter?" She asked, putting the tissue away, giving him a small smile.
  12. Is this still open? I'd love to help with some art ^^ Just to make the burden more bearable! I haven't drawn ponies in awhile but you can take a look at my deviantArt! here
  13. Oooh, I'm assuming you're using gamemaker or rpgmaker?? Is this still open?
  14. shyeep

    Pony Town

    I made an account for it, haha, my username is the same as here, this looks fun--but i'm too afraid of approaching anyone >.<
  15. This is exciting! You're doing really well :0 I wish I could make a game too, in fact, I just might >.<
  16. When I first joined the forums I couldn't figure out why I couldn't reply to some topics .. I thought maybe I didn't activate my account, but I did {I know, since I checked}. So I kept searching the whole day I still don't know why @.@
  17. shyeep

    Hi !

    Welcome to the forums, I'm new here too! ^^
  18. shyeep


    hello there! i'm a new pony here, but i have long since loved MLP! I hope to meet new people here, and maybe a roleplaying buddy too!
  19. My Favourite Mane 6 Pony: Fluttershy How did you find MLP Forums?: How you became a fan of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic: hello! i'm a simple girl, who's included in a lot of things so it really jumbles things up a little, hehe. i'm interested in roleplaying a slow but steady roleplay, honestly, i am not very experienced in roleplaying, and i like talking in lower cases like so, but if this bugs you, i wouldn't mind being more proper. i like roleplaying feminine characters mostly, and not so much on the masculine characters, i'm a sucker for romance and cheesy jokes too.
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