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  1. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    Godzilla vs Kong It was a good movie^^
  2. With 1989, I'm also G1^^
  3. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    I just watched the movie "Space Battleship Yamato 2199: Odyssey of the Celestial Ark". The story takes place close to the end of the second season of the anime StarBlazers 2199 and also seems to introduce the next villains for the sequel anime StarBlazers 2202 Many great space battles and a good story
  4. I liked Chrysalis until they started to trash her as an insane maniac. Until she lost her hive, you could have always seen her actions as some sort of “caring for her species“, even if her thinking was messed up. I would have prefered some sort of redemption, where she finally accepts the change and gets back to her hive. Sadly, even season 9 kept her and the legion of doom as evil instead of making them good or at least neutral at the end. For Mean Twilight; she had so much potential. If she would have kept the mean 6 together, we could have had an Harmony vs Chaos arc with t
  5. Maybe but they could have done it different. I mean the "Equestria had never been as peaceful as now" comment was kind of messed up with one or two "wold is going to end" problem each season (maybe year for Equestria?) The way the show did starting from season 1, Twilight's missing was over when she founded her school (learning about friendship, helping with friendship problems, teaching about friendship). The whole "Twilight, you're going to become the ruler" was too fast and kind of messed up her whole life. She just founded a school and was able to fit everything (leading
  6. I never continued season 9 (didn't like the retirement plot) but I'll never stopp watching the older seasons :3
  7. tbh, it would be interesing to see a Celestia vs Tree of Harmony battle. Celestia - Has more than 1000 years of knowledge (her own and of every event/book/movie... she learned of) - Is a sentient being for over 1000 years - Had fought many battles - Used the Elements of Harmony - Never fell victim to despair or any other dark alicorn trigger despite many traumas - Can use many spells, including dark magic Tree of Harmony (I just call her Treelight now) - Has the knowledge of way over 1000 years (of all of Equestria and maybe beyond) -
  8. and the whole planet lol, now I have to think about that one pic of Luna smashing the moon on someone XD
  9. I'd say Celestia with max power is the most powerful creature in Equestria. We never really saw her with 100% and the "lost" battles were more or less because of the "mane 6 to the rescue" plot. So for story telling, she had to be shown weak while for story canon I think she held back to slowly teaching her ponies to fight for themselves. Since Celestia defended Equestria for 1000 years, we can assume that she fought tons of villains and had a lot of time to master her magic to anything beyond unicorn possibilities. Since we don't know Celestia's true power, we don't know if/how sh
  10. that a yay Hitch x Pipp To Love Ru is an ecchi/harem anime with the clumsy and shy main character accidently gets a harem. During the third season, Darkness part 1, one girl actually tries to convince him to go for the harem because if he marries his second love interest, he'll become the king of the galaxiy and can have a legal harem. A funny anime/manga;-)
  11. 100% yay (the HIMYM ending sucked. They are perfect for each other) Rito and the harem (To love ru)
  12. Neo_Shiron

    Ask Shiron

    Righ now, my oc works as a weather pony in Ponyville but he'll late become an author who, unlike me, won't have problems with writer's blocks😉
  13. For a little project I have planned, I try to collect some information about unicorns. First: What are the most basic/powerful spells unicorns can use to protect themself? So far I have the following Levitation Magic Shield Teleportation Blaster/Beam attack Second: How many different kinds of horns did we see in G4? I rememer the following Basic Horn Long Horns Curved backwards (Mistmane and her japanese like town) See through (crystal like) horns Do you remember other canon horn forms
  14. I guess the question shouldn't be "who knew about it" but more like "who preferred to accept the lie". With all the stuff they had to prepare their lies (those who came up with the lie, those who planned and built it and those who controlled it), it very likely that many were assuming that the royals were lying. However, they prefered to accept the lie than losing hope and gicing in to depression like the unicorns. I mean, we all saw how depressed the unicorns had been. They just waited for their deaths/exctinction. The pegasi would also have become way more depressed/angry, s
  15. yep, same as me. I didn't even realized that they had cutie marks until I made my big "Is G5 the same world as G4 or not" post. Had to visit derpibooru to search some pics until I noticed the one sided cutie marks Kind of funny how the ponies just accepted the cutie marks as natural instead of a proof of magic. I still hope that they will change it back to both sided cutie marks, just like every other mlp show did it for 38 years ps: Yeah, I also see G5 as a complete different world as G4
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