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  1. Neo_Shiron

    Spoiler Summary to the comics

    I kind of stopped reading the IDW comics a long time ago (the last one I read was #26 of the main series) because I didn’t really like how they treat some of the characters (especially the princesses. I mean seriously, why weren’t they able to escape not magical vines? ). Not to mention the does they have introduced which are the same species as…well, a similar race some people turned into monsters for their hate filled stories. However, when I was on derpibooru I saw a very dark comic cover (#62) and read what that comic was about. Since I don’t really want to give IDW a third chance (the prequel to the movie was the second) I wondered if there is a website or something similar, where you can read the summary of the whole comic. For example why the hay they want to give Canterlot to the griffons or why the yaks thought they might be able to attack the dragons and think they could win instead of ending as grilled food. Do you know a place with full summaries of the plot of the comics? I marked this as a spoiler because of the #61 plot I wrote.
  2. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    My last movie also was the MLP Movie. It even turned a headcanon I had to canon^^
  3. Time to actually use my account here^^ Just read the book "The stormy road to Canterlot" and I'm not sure how I should feel about "Tempest Shadow" (I hope we will get her real name in the movie).
  4. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread Last Movie You Watched?

    The last movie I watched was Terminator Genesis (it wasn't very good) and the last movie I watched in the cinema was Guardians of the Galaxy 2. That movie is awesome^^
  5. Neo_Shiron

    How many of you watch Anime?

    Right now I only follow 2 animes: One Piece (manga) and Dragonball Super However I also like older animes like Naruto, Yugioh (until 5 D's. I stopped the anime after this season because I didn't like the preview for Zexal), Digimon (stopped the anime after Savers) and some others
  6. Neo_Shiron

    First attempt at drawing >.< (oc)

    Looks good^^ Better than my first try
  7. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread What are you thinking?

    The game Warframe now has a new frame called Octavia and it is able to play own, short songs. I'm thinking about searching for short MLP songs like the Parasprite one;-)
  8. Neo_Shiron

    Scootaloo so often gets compared to a chicken

    I think because Applebloom started the whole think back in season 1 episode 17
  9. Sooo, just watched S06E21 and that episode is not helping to make me like Starlight. I totally agree with Dash "Don't cast spells on your friends"...well, at least not that kind of spells. If they agree to it you can do it, like that wing-spell Twilight used on Rarity or the cloud-walking spells. I really hope the final of seaosn 6 will do a better job^^ and yes, I know that I'm slow^^ I usually watch new episodes the day they air but now I was lazy D: Well, at least I still have 5 "new" episodes to watch
  10. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    Good because I'm home and bad because my skype won't connect anymore
  11. I think that she just tried to date one of the most popular boys to get more popular. I mean, she was pretty evil during that time and even destroyed the friendship of the mane 6 (without human Twilight) for no reason. They most likely never had been a thread to Sunset before pony Twilight appeared Back to the question: Maybe a few kissed and hugs but nothing more. It would be a big surprise if she actually loved him during this time. However, now she might fall in love with him.....butthat would lead to a new thread
  12. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread How are you feeling

    A little angry because skype has problems again but except of that I'm feeling good^^
  13. Neo_Shiron

    Mega Thread What Element of Harmony Are You?

    I don't think I would be one of the Elements of Harmony but a little bit of all of them (except magic of course since I can't use magic:-p). I'm loyal to friends, try to be as honest as possible, I share things when I have too much, I'm a nice and kind person and I like fun. However, I'm not focused don one of the Elements
  14. I've waited for years for that episode^^ I always knew Gilda wasn't a jerk for no reason but someone who was afraid to lose a friend. I can't remember if she actually said it but to me it looked like that. Hopefully we will get more griffin episodes soon, especially with Gilda, Gabby and Greta^^
  15. Neo_Shiron

    S06:E19 - The Fault In Our Cutie Marks

    I liked that episode and Gabby is cute although she might be a bit too overpowered^^ Hopefully we will she Gabby, Gilda and Greta again soon^^