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  1. episode 4 is up for Equestrian City! :D

  2. Greetings, this is a general update on the state of Equestrian City! Episode 2 and 3 are available on both dA and Fimfiction at the moment. ED I haven't heard a thing from yet. The main Table of Contents for the comic has been updated on the main site and at dA in our supergroup! All links are below! Main Table of Contents for the Comic Equestrian City Supergroup on DeviantArt Equestrian City Episode 2 Equestrian City Episode 3 Equestrian City on FimFiction Thanks for reading!
  3. Malcontent

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    To me it seemed like this was audition one for the types of episodes they COULD give us. This presented to us was a classic MLP formula episode: Problem. Solution. Speed bump with antagonists Friendship lesson Add a song Resolution. It was nice to hear Sunset but then again I've always said Sunset could read a menu to me and I'd be smitten by her voice The other two are obvious different formulas, again based on what I see as auditions and tests for reception by us. Here's a lovely picture I had done with a model I purchased n
  4. As the author Equestrian City, it’s no secret I’m partial to Equestria Girls. In my humble opinion, it’s got far more potential for storylines that are relatable to modern issues, not that the MLP show isn’t good at it, but it feels more real. That and it has Sunset Shimmer. Sunset is by far the most 3 dimensional character they’ve ever made, even more so due to the fact she was, by best I can tell, supposed to be a throwaway character for the one off movie “Equestria Girls”. She turned into something must more, my adoration for her is no real secret either. Each year,
  5. So..should I review the Equestria Girl episodes. Or should I not. Seems everyone reviews everything..and if that's the case..why review anything..*conflcited* 

    1. The_Gobo


      Depends on how thoroughly you've thought through the term 'review', the saturation of the market in that sorta thing, and how objective your comment is on the topic


      As for 'why', because one enjoys it.

      If people didn't enjoy it, they wouldn't do it


  6. Malcontent

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    More shimmer is the best kind! Here's one that when I look at I imagine her saying to me "So, you ship yourself with me huh? NEVER seen that before. -.-" Now there's an idea.
  7. Thanks n.n Here is a better worded breakdown I find very accurate. Not my video but very true. https://youtu.be/yao7KAW9ICQ
  8. The two examples given are acceptable due to the fact she's the main character and our real eyes in the world. Couplednwirh the fact she and her friends are the avatars for the elements of friendship, this seems reasonable. If the world's problems could be solved by everybody and not just the name six, we would have no reason for the elements xD I hadn't taken into consideration the queen shot her down. T hats an excellent point! Thanks! Perhaps I should have used the term "poorly written" then? I can't see how twilight was a Mary sue because, we
  9. I appreciate your feedback! The flaws you point out, if thats what they are, can they then justify the seemingly over the top moments I've described not counting the Eqg special? You raise a good point with the flaws however. Those seem to be rather convenient when the story calls for it at times, but still, they are present. That a got me thinking now. So woth this in mind, anyone else?
  10. I consider myself a reasonable person. Who doesn't? SPOILERS for 3rd Equestria Girl Short. STOP NOW if you don’t want them. I’ll remove this WARNING when the episode airs. Starlight Glimmer was introduced, among other reasons, to help be new viewer’s guide to the show. I get that. It’s a great idea. Bravo. The more the merrier. More people means more ratings. More ratings means more episodes. Maybe even Equestria Girls the series. I recently had the chance to watch the 3rd Equestria Girl short, and I was pumped. I was hoping we’d have Twilight
  11. I did it. I skimmed magic mirror. X.x but I don't speak polish x.x 

  12. Malcontent

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    Howdy all. Whose excited for Sunset and Celestia reuniting. I know I am! But I'm more hyped at the possibility we get an unlimited series! and slightly startled at the Power ..humans? episode after all my work on Equestrian City xD oh and here!
  13. IDEA! Sunset goes back through the mirror..and comically misses Celestia around each turn and then leaves xD

  14. Just watch the Russian Equestria Girl Short and I don't even watch Anime In subtitles. THATS how epic it was :D I FEEL ALIVE AGAIN!

  15. Malcontent

    Adventure Equestrian City

    Episode 2 "Old Wounds, New Problems" is live for Equestrian City at FimFiction!
  16. Good news. I spoke to the staff and they enabled spoilers for me n.n so I went back and hit all images with it! Does this fix it?
  17. Part of my intent was to keep my project somewhat active. However if it's become to the point you've had to intervene I suppose I've offended someone. I'm unable to use the spoiler function at work via the mobile app so I will need to figure that one out. I hadn't noticed the larger threads having the need for spoiler functions bit I assume were all treated with the same fairness so I'll stop..well...foe lack of a better term I'll stop being so active. Thanks for the post!
  18. New rarity up on my thread n.n 

  19. Heres a peuce i call "Make the worls go away". Its to show the artist i need to find still what mood i need rarity in. A functional alcoholic after watching Sweetie Belle die o.o You'd think that would make ya a little dependent on downers. Still need to find an artist though..
  20. Tie between Extermination for the ps2 and sewer shark for the saga CD. X.x
  21. Malcontent

    Sunset Shimmer Fan Club

    I personally think this is giving Celestia too much credit. We've recently seen she's very human in regards to insecurities. If she knows everything will play out..she wouldn't be unsure of any move she made.
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