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  1. Happy Birthday!!!

  2. Merry Birthiversary!

  3. They look fantastic ! Your animals are really nicely done. The coloring is simply gorgeous. Great work !
  4. Thanks a lot. Still practicing with hands, I'm glad you like the results. I think you all might know this character.
  5. Flakith


  6. Thank you very much. Well, I gotta show some more.
  7. Aaaawa, thank you very much. I'm very glad you appreciate them.
  8. Well, I guess I can introduce to you some of my artworks. I really have to practice more on ponies art, but I'm still more at ease with art outside of MLP. Here is a little fanart of God of War. I kinda wanted to create an AU with Calliope being teenaged and alive, and being a cool big sister to her little brother Atreus. Kratos's kids are just such cuties. Another work of mine I've done. This time, it is a character for an original story project I have. Another character of mine here. She's a hitwoman with an insane mind and a childish behavior. Another piece of work, with a girl lost in the middle of the jungle. If you're interested to see more of my works, I'll show more.
  9. Hello user! :D


    1. Flakith


      Why hello there ! ;p

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      Thank you for the random follow XD


  10. If I can figure how to hug them, well, sure, I would !
  11. I'm a rather average girl myself (170cm.... 5'7" I think ?), but I wouldn't mind to date a smaller guy to be fair. As long as the person is pleasant enough, the height really shouldn't be a problem. I guess some girls are seeking for a feeling of security, but personally, I am not looking for this kind of thing.