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  1. S01:E05 - Griffon the Brush Off

    Its taking me longer to make these just because of Real Life and what not. But so far I'm enjoying making them.
  2. S01:E04 - Applebuck Season

    Random thoughts... #1: Cows having a Wisconsin accent is adorable. -But this does make me start to wonder in the show about how many of these darn animals can talk... I mean we see a mule talk later... -Hehe... Single Hoovefidly. -The ponies in ponyville are just as freaked out by the bunny stampeed as the cows.. #2: Twilight being interrupted is golden. #3: Drunk Applejack is great... I mean tired Applejack... - As a person who has went without sleep for a VERY long time.. even having auditory helocinations. I can say I was never quite that bad... #4: I'm starting to think that all ponies have the ability to levitate things.. and that it just only works on specific things for earth ponies/pegasus... Those apples are crazy accurate when kicked off trees. #5: BigMac actually has a perfectly good two sided discussion in this. I kind of wonder when the makes actually got to the point where he was basically going to answer is yes and no. #6: The face planting joke for Applejack trying to launch Dash is pretty funny.. but.... -- Applejack and Dash Ignore the law of Conservation of Energy..... --- Dash should get no more energy from Applejack falling then applejack imparts to the surface she hits... In other words. Dash should have been launched no higher then Applejack fell from (Adjusting for weight) I mean... Unless applejack is made out of freaken dark matter or something..... OR... Rainbow Dash might be comprised of something much lighter then we think... This would support my theary that Pegasus don't weight all that much, and are maybe filled with some kind of lighter then air gas... Like some kind of horse meat Zepplin..... #7: Horses... And all equine in fact. Lack the ability to throw up. #8: Upright sleeping applejac is adorable with her little neighs when snoring. Twilight: Your applebucking hasn't just caused you problems. It's over-propelled a pegasus, practically poisoned plenty of ponies, and terrorized bushels of brand-new bouncing baby bunnies. What exactly IS In a zoo in Equestira?
  3. You know, these don't take that long to make. So I'm just being lazy that they are taking so long to make.
  4. First episode... because its one hour long pilot.
  5. A answer to a pretty common question in the community.
  6. When did you first feel like an adult?

    Two answers. The first time I subconsciously felt like a adult. And the first time I knew I was acting like a adult. ------ #1: My father became bedridden when I was 13 and I more or less had to take over doing most of the stuff that a adult in the house had to do. I first felt like a adult when I figured out a year or so later that he totally resented me for this.... ------ #2: When I first had to give a direct order to my men that they did not want to do, while in the Army as a 2nd Lt. So... About 23?
  7. S01:E03 - The Ticket Master

    (technically this is just me scripting for a you tube video) The 2nd proper episode of the show. Ticket Master. So I know more then one person In the community that point out, not totally invalid issues with this episode. But over all this is a pretty solid episode. And I'm going to address the issue that people have with it before actually point out the issues I have with it. But I just want to make it perfectly clear... I like this episode a lot. Like 4 out of 5 like it. - First up: "The ponies are not acting in character or are acting "against there elements." Second: "Twilight was being a bit dense in this episode." Third: "Why didn't Celestia" Hail Princess Celestia! "Send enough tickets." - I have pretty simple answers or at least thoughts on all of these. 1st: At this point in the show we don't actually know a whole lot about the characters, its actually rather hard to say what is and is not in character... and even with what we know later, none of them are really doing anything out of character. Twilight Can be a Spazz. And is Spazzing and not thinking strait. (Which is really the answer to the Second point also) RainbowDash Can be over competitive and stubborn. AppleJack can be opinionated and stubborn. Rarity can.... and normally is a total drama queen. Pinkie is often thoughtless. And Fluttershy... Well actually flutter shy really dose do much to pressure twilight in this episode. I actually think she kind of forgot that she actually was cleaning because she wanted the tickets. #2: I actually just addressed that... Twilight was panicking and not thinking... she does that a lot. #3: And this one... first off I would like to just say.. HOW DARE ANY PONY INSINUATE THAT OUR GODDESS EMPRESS DID SOMETHING WRONG OR INCORRECTLY... Also. A point that I actually thought of the first time I watched the episode. We don't actually know that Celestia was not sending tickets to everyone. We just know that she sent twilight two tickets by way of spike... She might have been sending the others tickets in the mail. She might have also just assumed that twilight would ask for more if she needed more. - Now onto the thing I actually did have issue with.... All the ponies reasons for going to the ball are stupid.... Or at the very least not good reasons. even if they are not bad reasons. Now before starting this list I'm going to point out that... Yes this is a kids show... and no not all of the ponies would know this, but at least one of them would. But I use the test of my Nieces for this, and while they didn't point the flaws in all the ponies reasons, they point them out in some of them.... AppleJack: No pony pointed out to her that the event is catered? No Pony? Really? I mean come on.. I can see that she might not know that, or that she might still think there was a chance for some profit, but really? (7.5 on the dumb scale) RainbowDash: This is less dumb and more... OK its dumb. I would think there was some kind of rule / law against interrupting a flight show... While this is dumb, its also very.... Rainbowdash.... (7.5 on the dumb scale) The Pink one.... It hurts me to say this... but pinkie actually has a less stupid reason to go then most of the others. I mean she should really know that its not that kind of party. But she seams to have fun the 2nd time around, when she does know what kind of party it is. (4 out the dumb scale... + 4 because she's the pink one) Rarity: Wow... just wow rarity... even my four year old niece (At the time) Was like "That's a dumb reason to go." I mean there is no way that rarity should know that they stallion is a huge jerk. but just... Wow... I'm.. yikes... (10 on the dumb scale. The WORSE POSSIBLE REASON EVER!) Fluttershy: OK so first up on this one.... Way to be rube Rarity... But I hate to say it, this is the biggest issue I have with the whole Episode. If flutteryshy wanted to go see the garden... She could.. you know... Just ASK.. I'm sure that even if Celestia wasn't going to invite her she would have been like "Oh, hay your that friend of Twilights! You know one of the ones that saved the world.... Sure you can see the gardens on that night. I'll have a guard show you around so no one bothers you, it will be great." - Which brings up the real issue... The Idiot ball.... If you don't know what a idiot ball is, go on other to TV Tropes and Idioms and look it up. Its a great website to kill time at... actually don't. I have most likely wasted a year of my life there... Idiot ball: A moment where a character's stupidity fuels an episode, or a small plot line. If multiple characters have the Idiot Ball, it becomes an Idiot Plot. Temporary (or permanent) Genre Blindness is often a cause of this trope. - And this IS a idiot episode.... But its a fun Idiot episode. Because in real life I have seen groups that do this.. I've been in groups that do this. Get so hung up on part of a problem that we don't see the answer looking at our teeth... HA! Pony pun..... So over all, really fun early episode. I must say however this episode does feel out of order. Like this feels like a light later episode and not the first one after the pilot. but I think it was put there to have more of a start - end feel to the season. -------------- Notes! Alliteration: Wow... There is a lot of it in this episode. Grand Galloping Gala... All that P's in pinkies bit. "Girly Gala Gunk". Pony Puns: Goodie Four Shoes! Well Wallop my Withers! I love what a bad Liar Fluttershy is... I love the bit where Twilight eats the peddles... because... you know.. shes a pony... - Rainbow Dash was napping.. very honest.
  8. I don't think they are going to do a side by side Gen 4 / 5. If we get more stuff it will likely be on another platform. Like youtube or Netflix. Comics are good to go most likely.
  9. S01:E01+E02 - Friendship is Magic

    Stuff. Stuff and things... A
  10. Also as a general note. Your best hope is actually that FiM continues in some other form. We are already pretty sure it will keep going in comic format. (There is no reason for it not to) You might... And I mean might convince Hasbro to do some netflix stuff with FiM every now and then... like a 90 min thing every year or soemthing. In the end it will all be about where the money is. If Gen 5 blows. I fully expect for there to be a swing to a 4.5 spin-0ff. Actually I would not mind a Gen 4.5 Spin off as a netflix show.
  11. Sequel?

    Again the leak actually does not make a statement about box office, we don't need a statement for that. The box office was 54.8 million USD. That actually makes it better preforming then a lot of movies that where considered to have done very well this year. Again if the other leaks (I would remind us all that 4/chan leaks have about a 50/50 accuracy rating because a lot of times it just hasbro kicking stuff around and some times the leakers are making part of it up also, the season 5 episode names where leaked and the first half was correct and the second half was not even close) But if the leak was correct that the cost of the movie was 30 ish million, the I'm just going to tell you all that included everything, distribution, production and marketing. Because major animated movies that require outside studies x3 the size of Hasbro using a program I can get for $1200.. Cost about 60-90 million. The movie most like cost as much as a season of the show 5.5 million dollars per season by the way. - They never actually said they where going to make a 2nd movie. but they DID actually say in this leak (Again grain of salt) That they where thinking of a movie to reboot the show to season 5. (I think that's a stupid ideal, if you wanted the movie to do well, you would use it to cap off season 4 and get it ready for -extention-) Which brings me to another point. Extension..... Its a common element of shows with die hard fan bases now that they never actually die... Buffy for instance, still has comics and conventions... IDW and the other comic line both have rights to the comics that will last much longer (If they re-up indefinitely) then the show will. If there is a market for it, netflix might actually pay to have some stuff done also. (MLP FIM was there most watched -not highest rated- kids show in 2017) And EG is getting 22min youtube episodes. And then you have the issue of follow up. If your a company moving from your most profitable show ever... you don't want to screw the relaunch up... And that goes double if your launching it right after the end of the first one.. I still say they would do better to do a G4.5 spin off. But that's just me... I don't work for Hasbro... I work for that other company... The one that has a standing purchase offer for hasbro... mostly to cut out the middle man on there toys.
  12. What ethnicity do you think each pony could be as humans?

    Well... There is personality and then there is ascetics. If I wanted to make the cast more diverse. - Twilight/Rairty: I can see them being White (Or Hebrew if you wanted to get really esoteric) I would also be really interested to see them as South Asian. Like Indian. I have to admit that I am actually pretty fond of the darker skin pallet for Twilight. Pinkie: White.....? AppleJack: White? I Mean the Ozark accent is so wonderful. (I'm a sucker for a Ozark accent) But I could also go with a Latina accent.. But as I point out to a friend of mine, that would mean that the Latina pony would be.. well picking fruit. And that, might be a issue from a cultural sensitive stand point. But then I have to wonder if saying that a Latina cant be a farmer is like.. double reverse culturally insensitive? I can see ether fine. Rainbow Dash: I can see her as Asian or White or Latina. Any works really. I don't know why I never pictures her as being darker, i mean it looks fine, it just never struck me. Fluttershy: Asian or white. - There is that entire discussion of how diverse does it need to be to actually be pandering... Because I'm fine with a diverse accent (that's basically a pony ethnicity) I mean we have seen Indian ponies before. And Asian ponies. And middle eastern Ponies. So clearly there are accent/ethnicity. But at what point does it actually become pandering in a story to mix it up to much? I don't know but this is why I would never make it as a network executive and whey they are all crazy...
  13. LOL I do actually have shares in Hasbro. And to the answer the OT question. Nothing. The movie was not meant to be a wide audience movie. "Easily the thing that disappointed me the most about the movie is something that really has next to nothing to do with the actual film - that being that it was clearly trying to appeal to newcomers as well as fans" I can't really say I'm glad you got this impression.. But I did not. Nor did any of the other people I went to the movie with. Actually a few of them had never seen the show before (Parents taking there kids) And there biggest complaint was simply that it was clearly a movie that required knowledge of the show. Which makes sense. The movie was clearly not even considering that it might pick up people who where never interested in the show. - Now as to the question of what could it have done to maybe pick people up? Nothing that would have made the fanbase happy, because it would have had to be a 'from the start' story. That is to say, the first 2 episodes (The pilot) Work because they know you have not seen any of the world. It explains it as it goes without much of a exposition dump, it lets you explore the story as you go. The movie.. Operated on the concept that you already know some stuff. First Question from a person watching with me: -About Pinkie- "That's... normal behavior for her? And she has friends who don't avoid her like the pox?" -The above is a great example.... Without prior experience with pinkie, she's annoying and its mind boggling that anyone puts up with her. (Seriously she made the events of the movie WAY harder then they needed to be in places) Because a new viewer has no frame of reference. They don't know that she's a good friend and comes in handy in areas where others don't. - Simply put, the movie would need to be a rehash of something fans had already seen. Or it would have needed to be a movie where a all new character was the movie, and the cast fans knew where just... there... (Or not) And Honestly.. I would have been pissed if that was the case. My nieces would have been mad. It would not have been a good movie going experience - Simply put, If I go to watch a Star Trek Movie with the cast of TNG on the cover of the poster. And then find out that 95% of the movie takes place on a Klingon ship. I'm going to feel tricked and mad, lied to.
  14. ~Sigh~ That's actually what I had been referring to. Look, I hate to be that guy. But the leaks in general have about a 50/50 record. I have said many times at this point, I don't actually agree with or believe the leaks when they state that the movie costed (Something like 30 million dollars) That would mean they paid Salaried workers who where already in house, to use a program I can buy for about $1200 to make a movie that was 4.5 longer then a episode to a show that costs 5.5 million for 22 episodes. That's the thing, They didn't need to pay the crew anything extra. The only additional cost to the movie was the increased time to draw it. And the pay for the guest stars. And if they had to pay the 4-5 people that where extra 25-27 million? That would make those people the best paid actors in hollywood (Some of them anyways) - If the leak is correct in its 25 million figure. Then I will assume it is talking about the ENTIRE cost of the movie. (That I would believe) As in production, distribution, marketing, merchandising production and DVD printing. But if your going to count that then you pretty much are nit-picking, because the figure that we have for the box office take would need to include things like the uptick in merchandising. The Movie only Mearch, the DVD sales (Which have not started yet I don't think) And the streaming deals. - A simply way to look at it is this. No one makes a movie to lose money. In the movie industry companies more or less say they want at least twice there money on return. (2.5+ is considered good) Hasbro stated they expected a total return of box office of about 30 million. No one expects to break even on movies.... They also said they where very pleased with the 52.8 million they got in returns. They where a bit surprised by the lower then expected domestic return, but then overseas where higher. - As another note... which leak, we now have two sperate leaks I am aware of on the budget, both giving different figures.