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  1. LOL I do actually have shares in Hasbro. And to the answer the OT question. Nothing. The movie was not meant to be a wide audience movie. "Easily the thing that disappointed me the most about the movie is something that really has next to nothing to do with the actual film - that being that it was clearly trying to appeal to newcomers as well as fans" I can't really say I'm glad you got this impression.. But I did not. Nor did any of the other people I went to the movie with. Actually a few of them had never seen the show before (Parents taking there kids) And there biggest complaint was simply that it was clearly a movie that required knowledge of the show. Which makes sense. The movie was clearly not even considering that it might pick up people who where never interested in the show. - Now as to the question of what could it have done to maybe pick people up? Nothing that would have made the fanbase happy, because it would have had to be a 'from the start' story. That is to say, the first 2 episodes (The pilot) Work because they know you have not seen any of the world. It explains it as it goes without much of a exposition dump, it lets you explore the story as you go. The movie.. Operated on the concept that you already know some stuff. First Question from a person watching with me: -About Pinkie- "That's... normal behavior for her? And she has friends who don't avoid her like the pox?" -The above is a great example.... Without prior experience with pinkie, she's annoying and its mind boggling that anyone puts up with her. (Seriously she made the events of the movie WAY harder then they needed to be in places) Because a new viewer has no frame of reference. They don't know that she's a good friend and comes in handy in areas where others don't. - Simply put, the movie would need to be a rehash of something fans had already seen. Or it would have needed to be a movie where a all new character was the movie, and the cast fans knew where just... there... (Or not) And Honestly.. I would have been pissed if that was the case. My nieces would have been mad. It would not have been a good movie going experience - Simply put, If I go to watch a Star Trek Movie with the cast of TNG on the cover of the poster. And then find out that 95% of the movie takes place on a Klingon ship. I'm going to feel tricked and mad, lied to.
  2. ~Sigh~ That's actually what I had been referring to. Look, I hate to be that guy. But the leaks in general have about a 50/50 record. I have said many times at this point, I don't actually agree with or believe the leaks when they state that the movie costed (Something like 30 million dollars) That would mean they paid Salaried workers who where already in house, to use a program I can buy for about $1200 to make a movie that was 4.5 longer then a episode to a show that costs 5.5 million for 22 episodes. That's the thing, They didn't need to pay the crew anything extra. The only additional cost to the movie was the increased time to draw it. And the pay for the guest stars. And if they had to pay the 4-5 people that where extra 25-27 million? That would make those people the best paid actors in hollywood (Some of them anyways) - If the leak is correct in its 25 million figure. Then I will assume it is talking about the ENTIRE cost of the movie. (That I would believe) As in production, distribution, marketing, merchandising production and DVD printing. But if your going to count that then you pretty much are nit-picking, because the figure that we have for the box office take would need to include things like the uptick in merchandising. The Movie only Mearch, the DVD sales (Which have not started yet I don't think) And the streaming deals. - A simply way to look at it is this. No one makes a movie to lose money. In the movie industry companies more or less say they want at least twice there money on return. (2.5+ is considered good) Hasbro stated they expected a total return of box office of about 30 million. No one expects to break even on movies.... They also said they where very pleased with the 52.8 million they got in returns. They where a bit surprised by the lower then expected domestic return, but then overseas where higher. - As another note... which leak, we now have two sperate leaks I am aware of on the budget, both giving different figures.
  3. Earning on movies actually have very little to do with the total amount of money it makes. If I spend 5 million on a movie and make 50. I made ten times my money back. - And it preformed in over all box office as well as other movies of the year that no one calls bad earners. The Smurfs Tigger Movie An Amaerican Tail The land before time The road to el dorado Hoodwinked Soutpark Area all examples (Some of them made more when adjusted for inflation) - The only reason any one ever considered calling it a bad earner or a flop was because of the stupid 4chan "Leak" Which was/is stupid. Sure this movie that was made in house by salaried production company cost six times more then a season of the show... sure. - The movie most likely costed about as much as a season of the show. And mostly because of paying guest actors. Which is to say 5.5 to 7 Million. Everyone in the industry states that's about how much it costed. And I have gotten no indication that they are wrong. Hasbro has stated it made "Several times its cost" So for a movie it actually did very well. (They shoot for x2.5 return) - It did well enough that they have up frunted money for a second movie to be places between Gen 4 and Gen.. (I'm still saying 4.5, but Sure Gen 5 if people want to call it that)
  4. Spoiler Season 8 Waiting Thread (Spoilers)

    The only thing I can say so far is this.. They missed a perfect opportunity... Sandbar sucks as a character... Should have been a Zebra.
  5. As a final statement from Hasbro by the way. They stated that the Budget to the movie was "Modest" More or less made fun of the 35 million dollar rumor and stated that the movie had "Already returned the investment they made on it several times."
  6. S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    Agreed, in that being a kids show is not a good go to excuse for pacing issues. I was more just saying that pacing issues are understandable. Not excusable.
  7. S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    You kind of hit on the point for me right there. We have no ideal how long all this takes. But on a side note. I have insomnia and can (Do often) stay up 30+ hours before I can get to sleep.) I at one point could do this pretty well (Army) Now however, I am walking into doors. Because I'm more or less worn down, yes it took to little time in the episode. But at the same time.. It is a kids show.
  8. S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    Actually on a re-watch.. well a re-re-re-watch. It occurred to be that fluttershy was walking into doors and forgetting how doors worked even by the time she got to MedowBrooks home. If we can take any other points form this episode its also just that she was not thinking all that strait by the time she got there. Might have taken her less time to actually figure it out. And maybe without mistakes.
  9. Pinkie Pie VS Pinkamena

    Its really a mixed bad. Until about.. Season 6 I would have stated that Pinkie was my least favorite Main Character. But they seamed to get a good handle over making her funny without it being annoying. (Or rather the other characters now acknowledge its annoying and that's the point) - So I actually do like Pinkie more.. That being said... She looks better with the strait hair....
  10. Das Story..... I think everyone has a story. I just don't think they meander and get side tracked that much...
  11. S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    Agreed. We are more or less on the same page here. I would also agree and make the point that is was not lack of sleep, her disease, or the bees that knocked her out... It was all three... And ya I'm totally fine with a C+ that sounds perfectly reasonable for a grade on this episode. I liked it a bit more then that. But nothing above solid B or even B- Its not pony shakespear..... Flankspear? Ya we are going with that... But its solid. Definitely not the best but I know way worse episodes. (From a show that really its bad episodes are not really all that bad) Ya this is kind of my point put into a much less wordy point. Maybe, maybe not. I totally got the message in the episode. As a person that deals with a pretty aggravating medical problem, I can totally sympathies with the message. Was it super on point? No. But it wasn't bad ether.
  12. OK so now you have moved from a light parsing of how Corporations work to a clear "Gotcha question." -Which I'm actually fine with- To answer the question as best I can. - Hasbro to MY Knowledge. Was never purchased by a private company as a public company for the reason of skipping the SEC regulations of going public. (Which can take a while, and skips the process of IPO) So No. I don't think Hasbro has ever preformed a Reverse Merger. - Mind you.. I'm a informed stock holder. Not a expert of corporate law. I'm some one who works in a economically based job.. not a economist. - My biggest contention (getting back to the discussion at hand) That there is no way the 4chan price tag is correct is simple... I work in "the industry" for a... mouse based company. And if Hasbro payed (In house mind you) That much for this movie, they over paid by a GREAT deal. The licensing for toonboom, salary (It was in house so they didn't actually pay extra for the animation and voice actors from the show) - The (Basically four and a half episode long) Movie should have costed at the VERY most no more then a season of the show. And we actually know how much the seasons have costed (Not super exactly because we don't know what is and is not included in those figures) But the simple answer is about 5 million a season for every season past the first. (That's Canadian Dollars) With a bit of the extra expenses simply put. There is no way that what amount to 4.5 episodes of this show should cost more then 20 episodes of the flash show. Because again it was all done in house. - Disney could have made this for less then 8-9 million. I'm willing to except that they might have had to go a bit higher. Maybe 10-12 Million.. But Honestly I don't even think that high I think we are looking at LESS then 8 million. But again that's not including Merchandising buy in, advertisement, distribution and so on. With all that in there MAYBE it reaches the 4chan level. But at that point, you should not be comparing it to the box office take. - That's my point. And its all pretty well grounded and based in pretty solid reasoning. The only counter i have gotten so far from anyone is "4Chan Leak" Which as I have said has way more questions then answers involved. Hasbro has stated they are very happy with the outcome of the movie. (Because lets face is, they never really thought that GEN 4 would be there most lucrative property in... more or less the companies history) It accounts for over 1/4th there company income at this point. And while some parts of it (Looking at you Eqestria girls) toy sales have not done so well. The show proper has actually seen a up tick in toy sales. - I would actually have a discussion about the concept of Hasbro looking at other ways to produce the show/movie after they end the show. (Because one thing you learn from pop culture in the age of the internet... Fandoms this size, never actually end...)
  13. S07:E20 - A Health of Information

    Maybe. But she also did get knocked out for three days. She might not have made that mistake. (Or maybe have recovered quicker) If she had taken better care of herself. I would agree that there are / could be better ways to explain that lesson however.
  14. Gummy's toothlessness: Young, naturally toothless, or 'deteethed'?

    No... This is just wrong. Pretty much all Gators are born as tiny version of there adult selves. All there teeth already in place. Actually gators and crocs as a rule can regrow there teeth...
  15. Will Season 9 = Generation 4.5?

    I'll be honest. I'm pretty unconvinced about a G5 in general. I'm more convinced it will be a G4.5 I'm not totally convinced there not going to do both to be honest. You really tend to no kill your companies biggest cash cow. While its still making Cash.