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  1. I actually haven't watched this one yet.. I really hope its Zephyr.... That would make my day.
  2. I actually have a pretty good insite / answer to this. The Answer to this is simple: No.. No he can't. The incite is also simple: He can't because the school doesn't actually REQUIRE accreditation. It's clearly not being pitched as the primary education of the students attending. I'm going to compare this to real schools, I know that's not the best ideal but it has some good comparisons. ------- Point #1: If your running a 'school' but its not the primary education for a child or adult. It's not required to be accredited by anyone. This is why Seminary schools don't need to be credit
  3. Good answers for the most part... Except for the one about Amy Keating Rogers... Honestly I don't really care what she has to say about it. Also I don't care about my grammar that much, I'm not doing a academic paper. I have degree in science, not English. I know how to spell, I'm just dyslexic and I'm not pending 2 hours checking my forum posts.... No really that's how long it takes me some times.... - The storm king was actually something I was thinking about. But to be honest.. I'm not buying it. I'm saying that one is... less then cannon... If he was slinging a ful
  4. Note: So... I AM A SCIENSTIST..... No really. I got a university degree in "General Science" Then a Masters in Geography. Then a PhD in Geology. So I'm literally a student of science in general with a focus in Earth Science. And like most people with a heavy focus in a academic area, I have some times get a little OCD when it comes to watching something and trying to apply "My rules" to it. --------- So this came up when I was watching a few episodes of MLP:FIM. I had a Epiphany.... The sun in My little pony CANT behave like our own star Sol.... So let's asses a few t
  5. So far, Silverstream followed closely by Yona.. It should be noted that I have only watched the first two episodes however.
  6. Also... Brain pony..... ---------- Rolling Thoughts as I watch the show... #1: YAY! brain pony! Really.. that's not just the same voice actor... That's basically Brain as a pony.. This is part of a plot to take over the world.... Actually I kind of get a Servirice Snape feeling off this guy. #2: I don't like the first song... Like.. I don't like it a lot. #3: I'm not sure that I'm sold on these characters so far. (The students that is) End of first Episode... I can already kind of see where this is going.... ----------- Episode 2. #1: Pillow fort Twilight is adorable....
  7. Its taking me longer to make these just because of Real Life and what not. But so far I'm enjoying making them.
  8. Random thoughts... #1: Cows having a Wisconsin accent is adorable. -But this does make me start to wonder in the show about how many of these darn animals can talk... I mean we see a mule talk later... -Hehe... Single Hoovefidly. -The ponies in ponyville are just as freaked out by the bunny stampeed as the cows.. #2: Twilight being interrupted is golden. #3: Drunk Applejack is great... I mean tired Applejack... - As a person who has went without sleep for a VERY long time.. even having auditory helocinations. I can say I was never quite that bad
  9. You know, these don't take that long to make. So I'm just being lazy that they are taking so long to make.
  10. A answer to a pretty common question in the community.
  11. Two answers. The first time I subconsciously felt like a adult. And the first time I knew I was acting like a adult. ------ #1: My father became bedridden when I was 13 and I more or less had to take over doing most of the stuff that a adult in the house had to do. I first felt like a adult when I figured out a year or so later that he totally resented me for this.... ------ #2: When I first had to give a direct order to my men that they did not want to do, while in the Army as a 2nd Lt. So... About 23?
  12. (technically this is just me scripting for a you tube video) The 2nd proper episode of the show. Ticket Master. So I know more then one person In the community that point out, not totally invalid issues with this episode. But over all this is a pretty solid episode. And I'm going to address the issue that people have with it before actually point out the issues I have with it. But I just want to make it perfectly clear... I like this episode a lot. Like 4 out of 5 like it. - First up: "The ponies are not acting in character or are acting "against there elements." Second: "Twi
  13. I don't think they are going to do a side by side Gen 4 / 5. If we get more stuff it will likely be on another platform. Like youtube or Netflix. Comics are good to go most likely.
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