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  1. Ruffled Daydreams

    Flash Teasing Sunset

    When I read this I though Flash was teasing the actual SUNSET. like, when the sun was setting. I really like the scene. You're talented!
  2. Ruffled Daydreams

    Keep Calm and...

    Please color it!!! It looks so good!!
  3. Ruffled Daydreams

    Your Religion?

    I'm just agnostic, I wasn't raised with any religion.
  4. Ruffled Daydreams

    Your Religion?

    I'm agnostic. I never really grew up with the religion. Why waste time discovering death when you can be living life? I also kind've believe in reincarnation.
  5. Ruffled Daydreams

    Ruffled Daydream's Art Dump

    MORE ARTWORK!!! Prophet's OC Jady Misty Shimmer's OC Symphonia for Ezerona tempest shadow, from the new MLP movie
  6. Ruffled Daydreams

    Visual Art Dragon

    That's amazing! The shading is amazing! You have a lot of talent
  7. It would be FANTASTIC. but as many people have said, it would take a long time, and would cost more so that it isn't worth it.
  8. Ruffled Daydreams


  9. Ruffled Daydreams

    Is there a fic about an Alicorn rejecting their role?

    well, my oc's kind of like that (though its a bit of a stretch). That sounds like a super interesting story.
  10. Ruffled Daydreams

    Better name, for my OC

    Lightning Sprint? Shadow bolt? Striked-twice? All I can think of is his cutie mark.
  11. Ruffled Daydreams

    Character art dump

    Honestly, why aren't you commision yet? and if you are, where is your shop?
  12. Ruffled Daydreams

    Practicing stuff

    Looking really good!
  13. Ruffled Daydreams

    Ruffled Daydream's Art Dump

    More artwork! Not necessarily in chronological order:
  14. Ruffled Daydreams

    Ruffled Daydream's Art Dump

    So here is my recent artwork:
  15. Ruffled Daydreams

    Pinkie Pie Unicorn

    now art of my OC, blueblood: