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  1. Request Shop

    @Blueberry Dream I am now done one more OC! Here you go!
  2. Request Shop

    Hey guys! As you might've noticed, I have not been on MLP forums for a while. Its mainly because school, and I haven't been drawing ponies in a while. Also, I'm writing my first fanfiction in forever!! *squees*. Anyway, I've decided to close the shop down, but each of you guys who posted before THIS post, I am going to draw your OC's as like a parting gift or something. Anyway, I've already done @Timeless Days and @Techno Universal 's , so here you go! and... so there you go! Anyway, more coming soon! This shop is closed forever, but I might be starting commisions soon. *squees again*
  3. Request Shop

    OK, you're in. I'm gonna start working on this now, guys.
  4. Request Shop

    You forgot something! read the rules again! You also forgot to read the rules. Sorry, im just waiting for all the slots to be full
  5. Does anyone here also watch Voltron on netflix?

    Season three just came out and I drew the new villain:




    1. Macavity Wilko

      Macavity Wilko

      Want to see it but don't have too much time, is it worth it? 

  6. Request Shop

    okay techno!
  7. Request Shop

    Okay guys, I'm sorry it's been more than a week. I was drawing some other stuff.... ANYWAY, the shop is opening up. I'm taking 4 requests, and i gonna try to do full scenes. *takes deep breath* THE SHOP IS OPEN NOW!!!
  8. Request Shop

    Okay. When my shop opens up again just quote yourself, and then I'll do this for you.
  9. Request Shop

    Finally! First up: @Tilgoreth, with a kind've i guess realism scene! Dramatically staring in the wind. the cloak vanished because it was too much bulk, and the hair changed. and then, a cartoony vibe, for @Hierok the hair changed a LOT. its pretty much unrecognizable. also, the face now has freckles and no muzzle shading (if thats what thats called...) ANYWAY, sorry, but the ship will still be CLOSED for a while. Probably like, a week at most.
  10. Request Shop

    Okay guys, first two: @Drago Ryder New style: (again) And for @Tao it's the same shaded style, I've been trying a lot of different styles lately, and I might even try some photoshop (But... it will probably turn out like a potato) Anyway, I will update soon for the last two!
  11. Request Shop

    Guys, I'm sorry. It's going to take a couple more days because my drawing program is not working for some reason and I am trying to figure out what is wrong!
  12. Request Shop

    Guys I can't actually tell who was first so I guess I'll do BOTH of your OC's! THE SHOP IS CLOSED.
  13. Request Shop

    Sorry you forgot something in the rules!
  14. Request Shop

    Sure! want me to think up a cutie mark too?
  15. Request Shop

    @Drago Ryder Yeah, of course!