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    I like to draw and play TF2 and idle constantly until people yell at me to get back on. <3
  1. Watching some gameplay from JSE! My favorite green been
  2. Wind is heavy and strong tonight, fitting for what's happening. Please wish my grandmother luck, she's currently in ICU and they believe she has acute kidney failure. I wonder why I felt so sickly today, maybe prediction...


    I hope she at least lives until her birthday; April 1st. I'm not feeling well, but I'm feeling indifferent. I don't know how to react, I "feel" like I can't feel. My moms panicking. I don't know.

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    2. Snow


      It's the least I can do.. Take care, and don't be shy to talk to me About anything that is upsetting you, it can help to get that stuff out sometimes.

    3. Travlein


      I hope your grandmother is okay. I'll be praying. 

      I feel like I can't feel sometimes too. Actually, for a lot of the time. 

    4. Fluttershy Friend

      Fluttershy Friend

      I wish Your grandmother luck! It will be fine!

  3. PrinceJayne

    Ask Cinnamon Pop (OC)

    Hey Cinna! Can I bake you into a cinnamon bun?
  4. Only one time when I was associated with a certain MLP gaming group's forums. One of the owners (who was only owner because they were dating the original owner of the group) didn't really care for my hyper and energetic personality and took offense when I told someone to be careful of doing something bad around them because they're fairly strict with their rules. Keep in mind I wasn't being a brat as I was wrongfully accused; I was honest and had no intention to hurt them (I've even had people defending on my behalf), but they took it too personally and IP banned me for "good". Well, they s
  5. PrinceJayne

    Mega Thread The Banned Game

    Banned for having a cool signature (seriously, did you make it your self, or was it requested/commissioned? )
  6. I know people have conflicting feelings about gamer YouTubers, but still they're the main videos I watch. Here they are in greatest to least! Jacksepticeye (real name: Sean) - He's an enjoyable person-- subjectively. I mean obviously everyone has different views on people, but I know folk who don't like him because of his energetic, loud personality. I greatly admire him and his persona! He's very fun, keeps you around, and is very interactive. He's generally a down-to-earth sweetheart and keeps in touch with his fans. Recommend him if you like YouTube gameplayers! I'd suggest starting o
  7. SPOILERS INCOMING (obviously?) Curious to see how y'all feel about TWD (game, of course), because I've known there were concerns about stretching the game series to where it loses it's spark, but I feel as if season 3 is doing a pretty fine job. I especially loved how they started off on episode 1 with such a dramatic sequence. Sends me chills everytime!
  8. PrinceJayne

    Rarity Fan Club

    What Rarity will wear at our horse wedding
  9. PrinceJayne

    Hello Everyone!

    Welcome, welcome, welcome! Can't wait to see you hang around the forums!
  10. PC and internet. If I really wanted a ride, I'd just get an Uber/taxi driver, get on a bus, or ask family for help. PC gaming is my LIFE!
  11. While she's known for her insensitivity and general misunderstanding of others feelings/point of views, (she's arguably clinically narcissistic), I think the episode about Tank did a pretty fine job showing her wreckless, yet, in a brash sense, loving side. She was so in grief she didn't really know how to prepare or deal with the situation, which is something I've suspected of her being like even before the episode aired. I don't know, I kinda liked the episode because I resonate with it. When you're so passionate about something, or especially someone in which you're fearful of them passing
  12. Same here, I have to keep on re-clicking on the chat/quote box in order to type as wanted. May have to copy and paste instead because it's really getting on my nerves...
  13. Feeling isolated in terms of relationships/dating Complexities with my identity as whole Jim, who never says thank you everytime I open the door for him at Circle K (screw you, man!) Seriously Jim what the Hell's your problem? Existential crisis (man gotta love those) Jim... ugh...
  14. Won't lie, was pretty nervous to see responses on this thread, but luckily civilized-- phew! Some things I've seen labelled as "FOR WOMEN/MEN" can be.. pretty ridiculous when you actually read the ingredients for some products. Some products have the exact same things, just slightly/barely adjusted, and/or just marketed as male/female to increase sales. Obviously there's more complex things on the basis of biology (e.i. Women's basketballs are designed to be a tad bit shorter and slimmer to fit more smaller hands, whereas for men's basketballs they're wider/bigger to fit accordingly to av
  15. D U C K S Specifically call ducks. Look how chunky and stubby they are! Precious babies
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