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  1. Sports

    My favorite team is: Chicago Cubs
  2. Pinkie Pie! She's happy and jumping.
  3. Hey are you doing?

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    2. Cl0udChaser


      I'm doing great right now. ^^ Did you get a chance to listen?

    3. Prospekt


      Yes I did! Was going to PM you back but the forum was down for the upgrade :P

    4. Cl0udChaser


      I have a video in my profile you should watch. :)

  4. @BasementSeaThat's just my opinion. I'm still going to brony on.
  5. @BasementSeaYes, I will still watch season 8 if it's good.
  6. If Hasbro continue the show after the movie, I probably won't watch it further anymore. I'm just gonna stick with old seasons that was good.
  7. I was hoping they will end on the movie. I'm not 100% sure but I have a bad feeling that it will go downhill after the movie.
  8. Rainbow Dash looks cute with Tank the Toris.
  9. I watch the news if only my parents put it on for storms and stuff.
  10. That looks great. Can't wait to see more.
  11. My profile looks a lot better now. :)

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    2. Travlein


      The update is terrible. Everything is huge, white, and confusing. 

    3. Cl0udChaser


      @TravleinYes, we all know the update is terrible.

    4. Travlein
  12. Derpy! Nice job. I like it.
  13. Hi?

    Welcome to mlpforums. Enjoy and Have Fun.
  14. I love the artwork. Good work.