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  1. Awesome picture Kyoshi.
  2. 8/10
  3. Nice drawing Princess Moony. DERPY on wheels.
  4. I remember this game. 9/10
  5. 9/10 10
  6. 7/10
  7. Because PONY RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. The drawing on Applejack's picture is good.
  9. Nice drawing on Fluttershy.
  10. Awww....that is cute. Good job.
  11. That picture looks great.
  12. That Rarity picture is cool.
  13. I had a good time at NASCAR Darlington Raceway. Bret Michaels came to play and the stage was in front of me and I was sitting at the stands in the front row seats. Songs he played was: Talk Dirty to Me, Your Mama Can't Dance, Sweet Home Alabama, Rock N' Roll All Nite, Every Rose Has it's Throne, Unskinny Bop, and Ain't Nothin' But a Good Time. I was sing along to every song. :D:pinkie: Last year we had Kansas playing. ROCK N' ROLL BABY!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Those drawings are amazing and beautiful.
  15. She looks so cute. Nice job.