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  1. PC is better. Console went corporate. You can plug in controllers to PC and play games on it. I grew up in consoles first but PC is better.
  2. Me and my brother's old video.
  3. Great drawings iceestarz.
  4. That looks awesome. I like the color and the shading.
  5. My favorite place is Caesar Pizza.
  6. My least is Cadence because she's is not much a great princess.
  7. Me and my brother slowly lose interested around season 6 or 7. We been doing other things. We are not hyped to see a new episode anymore, I haven't bought the merchandise anymore, haven't listen MLP songs in awhile, and talking about the show a lot than we use to be. We are trying to hang on with the show towards the movie. The Equestria girls movie, we don't care anymore. This show will have memories for us what we did years ago.
  8. You made it on 3DS. Good job. I hope to see more drawings from you iceestarz.
  9. spoiler

    This episode is one of my favorite and Daybreaker is one of my favorite character too.
  10. I would move to Florida. I like sitting at the beach in the sun.
  11. Good job making this picture.
  12. Starlight Glimmer and Trixie best friends.
  13. Mine is Anime Convention. We went there since over 8 years ago.