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  1. I say 2011-2013 because those were the years when bronies were the biggest thing in pop culture. I remember Castle Mane-ia episode was leaked on Friday before it was aired on Saturday. Back then, there was a lot of content made. I think the brony thing started to decline in the mid 2010's.
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  3. *hugs*


    Everyone deserves a hug, even you :mlp_smile:

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      Good. You?

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      Kitty Rose

      I'm good too

      What have you been doing today? :fluttershy:

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      Working on my business every morning and later sit on a couch.

  4. How is everpony day going?


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      I hope G5 be better.

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  5. The artwork look very good and colors too.
  6. I remember watching Bronies React back in 2013. I haven't watch the last Bronies React video. Orchestral Design had the most funny scenes in early videos. I think that series people will never forget.
  7. I like this one. They don't talk but they show emotions how ponies feel.
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  9. Very nice drawing @LyraLover 💙
  10. I ignore haters. All fandom have lovers and haters.
  11. I remember playing Fighting is Magic back in 2013.
  12. It's by the same group that made "Fighting is Magic".
  13. The theme for the trailer is still not right but a little better than "Felling Good as Hell". I'll watch few episodes and see but it's trying to be like other shows that has Teen Titans Go in it. They change Rarity's cutie mark. I knew it will happen like this because during FiM, we said: "After FiM is over, you will never see a good MLP show like this. They will probably go back to G3 style". They did kept the same voice actors. The ponies do look cute. But the show itself...Idk. It doesn't appeal to me. It's like the show suck out magic of friendship. I rather watch this instead because they look so adorable in clay.