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  1. I did skip school back in Junior High School. I didn't give a crap about school...I was into Rock/Metal music more and playing drums. I was in a school band and I was the best drummer in school. I did remember signing an autograph at school concert.
  2. I say 2011-2013 because those were the years when bronies were the biggest thing in pop culture. I remember Castle Mane-ia episode was leaked on Friday before it was aired on Saturday. Back then, there was a lot of content made. I think the brony thing started to decline in the mid 2010's.
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    Welcome to mlpforums.
  4. *hugs*


    Everyone deserves a hug, even you :mlp_smile:

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    2. Cl0udChaser


      Good. You?

    3. Kitty Rose

      Kitty Rose

      I'm good too

      What have you been doing today? :fluttershy:

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      Working on my business every morning and later sit on a couch.

  5. How is everpony day going?


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      I hope G5 be better.

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      My day is going well, how about yours? :grin:

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      @EpicEnergy I'm doing great right now. :BrightMacContent:

  6. The artwork look very good and colors too.
  7. I remember watching Bronies React back in 2013. I haven't watch the last Bronies React video. Orchestral Design had the most funny scenes in early videos. I think that series people will never forget.
  8. I like this one. They don't talk but they show emotions how ponies feel.
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  10. Very nice drawing @LyraLover 💙
  11. I ignore haters. All fandom have lovers and haters.
  12. I remember playing Fighting is Magic back in 2013.