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  1. Happy New Year 2022

    1. lyrabetes3939


      Happy New Year!

    2. TomDaBombMLP


      Happy New Year, my awesome friend! :pinkiecutehat:

    3. Sparklefan1234


      Happy New Year to you, BFFFF! :ButtercupLaugh:

  2. Merry Christmas Everyone

  3. The movie is very good but there few points that I have. The movie could been 2 hours because there are still room for more scenes and story. There are questions unanswered left out of the movie. Hopefully they add the rest of them in the series that was left out. Zipp and Pipp had less screen time.
  4. I hope the series answer how the magic disappeared, what happened to the mane 6, history about sunny's father, and the mane 5 story.
  5. Me and my brother are still writing the last chapter for book 1. We took a break because of other things.

    1. tgtv567


      i love the story. and this crossover you did was so good

  6. Chapter 17 is finally out. Final chapter of book #1 is in progress.

  7. Yay. I became a Bunny. :BrightMacContent:

  8. Cl0udChaser

    Writer's art dump

    Very cute artwork and colors.
  9. Cl0udChaser

    Astrum and Krinita

    Nice artwork and coloring.
  10. Rainbow Factory was the first song one of my friend sent me.
  11. Cl0udChaser

    Gaming What's Your Comfort Game ?

    I just sit down on the couch playing Tony Hawk's Project Mod on my PSP or other free roam hack games.
  12. Have a good merry christmas. :rarityhat:

  13. I had save files lost in N64 cartridges plenty of times.
  14. Somewhere early February 2013 but originally never looked up the show name in 2011.
  15. Very cute artwork and color.
  16. I was a spongebob fan around early seasons and stopped watching it around 2011 or 2012 because it wasn't good anymore and ran WAY TOO LONG. I don't care anymore.
  17. I still kept my old drum set when I was little...planning to get rid of it and keeping the Ludwig drums because of a lot of memories. My face mask for snorkeling/scuba diving...studying since I was a kid before I went to high school learning swimming and aquatics class. Now, It's all beat up and worn out. Planning to buy a new snorkeling gear. My Xbox 360 for Rock Band 3 for updating new songs with 7 player full band instruments and Clone Hero for PC.
  18. I live in a small town area and I don't leave the house very often. Some stores you don't need to where mask.
  19. I was a hardcore gamer but it's just wasting my time. I'm just a casual gamer and enjoy games that I like.
  20. I wish I can go back in time and focus more. I was horrible in junior high school. High school I was a little better but not good enough. Probably because I'm not a good listener. I'm good at self-taught and self-learner.
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