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  1. I could listen to "Time to Be Awesome" on repeat. I keep hearing new things in the instrumentation every time. The little background vocal fills during Capt. Celaeno's verse (not to mention Zoe Saldana's jaw-dropping singing!), the pennywhistle melody in the chorus, Spike's drum fills, I love it all.
  2. Hey all, it's my first time at EFNW and I could use some veterans' advice on the best way to get from the Seattle airport to the convention center and back. Is there a public transit system I should use? Uber/Lyft? Any advice, no matter how last-minute, is appreciated!
  3. Friendly and chill military brony here, 30/m, would be flying in on Thursday and flying out Monday. If the remaining spot is still open, I'd like to get in.
  4. I'm also looking for a room spot, would be arriving Friday evening and leaving Sunday night. I'll send you a message over Discord.
  5. Welcome to MLP Forums, Carret! I hope you have a great time here. /)