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  1. Carret

    The Movie's shining moment

    I could listen to "Time to Be Awesome" on repeat. I keep hearing new things in the instrumentation every time. The little background vocal fills during Capt. Celaeno's verse (not to mention Zoe Saldana's jaw-dropping singing!), the pennywhistle melody in the chorus, Spike's drum fills, I love it all.
  2. Hey all, it's my first time at EFNW and I could use some veterans' advice on the best way to get from the Seattle airport to the convention center and back. Is there a public transit system I should use? Uber/Lyft? Any advice, no matter how last-minute, is appreciated!
  3. Carret

    [Closed] DoubleTree, May 17- 21, 2018, EverfreeNW

    Friendly and chill military brony here, 30/m, would be flying in on Thursday and flying out Monday. If the remaining spot is still open, I'd like to get in.
  4. Carret

    Anyone still looking for roomates?

    I'm also looking for a room spot, would be arriving Friday evening and leaving Sunday night. I'll send you a message over Discord.